Connor B's Song On 'The Bachelorette' Makes Up For That Cat Makeup Fiasco

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Connor B's Song On 'The Bachelorette' Makes Up For That Cat Makeup Fiasco

Two things we need to highlight when it comes to Monday night's Bachelorette challenge, where the contestants had to sing about how sexy they are (shoot me). One: it was big night for Heather McDonald, who was also seen in today's drop of The Housewife and the Hustler. And two, it was a big night for Cat Guy Connor B, whose song really stood out as, well, least cringey. That's saying something!

Especially since last week, he was King of Cringe with that horrifying makeout scene with Katie. Remember when his cat makeup rubbed off on – never mind, let's not relive it.

Connor B. might as well have purchased a Vespa in the middle of the snowy Rockies because he totalllllly redeemed himself. (And if you don't get that Dumb and Dumber quote, good for you, you're younger and cooler than me.) His song was catchy, well-performed, and it made sense lyrically!

He was so successful, it even prompted me to Slack message Kate, Allison, and Kaya that he was giving me "Jason Mraz vibes." Ugh I really like Mr. A to Z. ( (And if you don't know who Jason Mraz is, good for you, you're younger and cooler than me.)

With rhymes like this, he Connor B. could be a curbside prophet with his hand in his pocket, waiting for his rocket to Katie's heart to come.

Connor B. (AKA The Cat Guy's) Song For Katie:

My feet may not be perfect,
But I know my own self-worth.
And the length of my affection,
Is less important, than the girth.

Katie, oh my god.
Your smile sets off wedding bells.
Love to see you wear it,
with little to nothing else.

The greatest lover here?
Well, let's not let the question linger.
Remember, I play piano...
I'm amazing with my...

Cat Connor is a singer-songwriter from Nashville via St. Louis, and his ABC bio says he is a “lovable, quirky and charming eighth-grade math teacher." He also has a master's degree in medical physics. And, his Instagram bio says he's a dueling piano player, oh, and he's also a CycleBar spin instructor. And he could pull of a Mraz impersonation if he wanted! He should add that to the resume.

If you want more music from Connor Cat B., good news, he's on Spotify:

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