Aunt Lindsey's Reaction To Blake & Katie's Engagement Admits Defeat

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Aunt Lindsey's Reaction To Blake & Katie's Engagement Admits Defeat

Greg might not have any Bachelorette regrets, but Aunt Lindsey does. Katie's no-nonsense aunt immediately became a topic of debate in Bachelor Nation after giving Blake a hard time during her visit in the season finale. Was she too mean to Blake? Or was she just trying to give him a dose of reality? Aunt Lindsey's reaction to Blake and Katie's engagement suggests even she doesn't know what to think anymore.

When Aunt Lindsey pulled Blake aside for a one-on-one conversation on The Bachelorette, she pulled zero punches. She wanted to know how he would deal with the hardships in marriage, to make sure he had what it takes to really commit. And, let's face it, she definitely wanted to scare him a little. I mean, she literally took Blake aside and told him, "You, ultimately, mean nothing." Well, she's eating those words now!

Katie shared a glimpse of her family's reaction to the finale on Wednesday, and it turns out Aunt Lindsey is feeling a little bit guilty for how tough she was. "I legit feel like I owe this kid an apology," she sent the family group chat. "Did I fuck him up so bad you had to take hi to an energy healer." I mean...kinda? But that's why we love you, Aunt Lindsey!

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Another member of the group chat, identified as "Sam," told Lindsey not to stress. "He handled you and still liked Katie afterwards, that's good," Sam wrote, adding that "out of all the guys he sees like the one who could handle our family."

You know who definitely could handle Katie's family? Emily Moynes, Blake's mother, who posted a photo of herself watching Aunt Lindsey's interrogation. "Thanksgiving dinner should be fun," she wrote on Instagram.

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So... how do we score an invite?


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