Y'all Forgot Blake & Tayshia Made Out & It Shows

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Y'all Forgot Blake & Tayshia Made Out & It Shows

I took a Shakespeare class in college in which we studied the tragedies and comedies of, you guessed it, William Shakespeare. And even though there's an ongoing debate on if Shakespeare actually authored his plays or if someone else did, no one, I mean no one, could have written the comedy that is Blake and Tayshia dating on The Bachelorette then six months later Tayshia helping Blake pick out an engagement ring on another season of The Bachelorette. No one!

When Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette aired, she and Blake — yes, the Blake who not only made it to Katie's Final 2, but also her Final 1 — went on a Tantric Reiki date. It was the end of Blake's journey on the show (rough), and off he went into the Canadian sunset. Let's reminisce.

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Fast forward to 2021. Blake is in the Final 1 and his ex-girlfriend — if you can call her that? — are picking out engagement rings... for his new girlfriend. Not her... not Hermione, oof, sorry. Anyway, back to The Bachelorette Shakespearian play... you just can't write this stuff. And the fact that neither of them said, "Haha, isn't this kinda weird?"

Only in this franchise will you find such an incestuous group of daters, and someone needed to say it.

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