Lindsay & Paige Hate Each Other, And It All Starts With Amanda

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Lindsay & Paige Hate Each Other, And It All Starts With Amanda

What if I told you the rift between Paige DeSorbo and Lindsay Hubbard actually originated because of Amanda Batula? Gather 'round children, because you are in for one hell of a story, full of twists, turns, betrayals, and roasts.

OK so currently, we are on Season 6 of Summer House, and shit is popping off in that house left and right and from every direction. Everyone is fighting with someone, except for Amanda and Kyle Cooke, which thank god. I needed a break from that whole situation. But what's been the most surprising to a lot people is the very heated confrontation between Paige and Lindsay... which if you look back, and I have looked back, this fight between them has been a lonnnng time coming. And in my opinion, it isn't close to being finished.

Paige was brand new to the house in Season 3, along with Hannah Berner and *whispers* Jordan Verroi (it sends a chill down my spine even writing his name). Paige was introduced as a coworker of Hannah's, and Hannah was intro'd as a social friend of Amanda's.

Now as for Lindsay, she's kind of the resident HBIC of the house (she's been a main cast member since Season 1), and she and Amanda have a rocky friendship, all surrounding... Instagram.

Before season 3, Kyle sent a SEVENTEEN PAGE EMAIL to everyone before they each arrived at the house, detailing how everyone has to "have fun" and basically be kind to his girlfriend Amanda, which was a direct dig at Lindsay (and Danielle Olivera).

Lindsay, I guess, had unfollowed Amanda prior to season 3; and according to Amanda, she would crop Amanda out of photos, and wouldn't really spend any time with her at events during the winter (aka, the time they are not filming). And clearly, that rubbed Amanda the wrong way.

So, since Paige was brought on with Hannah, and Hannah was brought on as a friend of Amanda's, Paige kind of sided with Amanda. I will admit, though, that Hannah did really try to make an effort and get to know and hang out with Lindsay.

Here's a general timeline of how Paige and Lindsay started, and where we're at now. This list doesn't just contain confrontations, but little build ups to the explosion that happened last episode. Guys – remember that Paige and Carl Radke had a thing, and now Lindsay and Carl are official? It's messy! Let's go.

Christmas In July (Season 3)

At the Christmas In July party in Season 3, it comes out that Carl Radke and Paige had a "fling" and even that is giving what they had too much credit, in my opinion.

Carlito was jobless and struggling, and Paige wanted more from him and he just wasn't in a place where he could really give that to her, even if he wanted to, and it was a big ole mess. But Carl pulled BFF Lindsay to the side to talk to her about Paige flirting with guys in front of him. He seems embarrassed, and he just needs to let go of this idea of him and lil Paigey.

Lindsay agrees, and tells him to "put Paige on ice." But, of the whole conversation, that is all Paige and Amanda overhear, so they think Lindsay is just basically talking shit (even though she wasn't); she was just giving her bestie some advice.

Hannah confronts Lindsay about what Paige and Amanda heard about the "put her on ice comment" in a very normal, calm way, and Lindsay kind of implodes, which she does from time to time, since she is Lindsay.

So when Lindsay goes upstairs, pissed as all hell about this, and sees Hannah, Jordan, Amanda, and Paige all sitting around talking about her, it makes her spiral even more, and eventually leads to her repeatedly saying "we don't need a fuckin' gang bang." God I love that woman. Chaos.

Ultimately Paige and Lindsay "make up," but Lindsay really just feels there is this divide with the group, and that the girls (Paige, Hannah, and Amanda) are too young and immature to be "direct" with her, which is all she wants. But can Lindsay handle someone actually being direct wither her? I don't know.

Kyle Cheats On Amanda – Again (Season 3)

There wasn't too much conflict between Lindsay and Paige over the Amanda and Kyle fight, but they each handled things very differently. Honestly, I think they approach life very differently.

When Lindsay hears from a friend that Kyle was making out with someone who is not Amanda a few months back, she tells her bestie Danielle, who then tells Paige. And then Lindsay freaks the fuck out.

Lindsay's freak out is not really directed at Paige, but I am just gathering from the vibes in this episode, and the looks that Lindsay and Paige exchange, that Paige doesn't really like how Lindsay freaks out at her friends, and she's taking notes on these red flags 🚩

Kick-Out Gate (Season 4)

In Season 4, we had the one and done, Jules Daoud, who was a nice girl, but ultimately, didn't mesh with the group. Especially because she was "hooking up" with Jordan, aka American Psycho 🥴

Hannah and Lindsay go get laser hair removal and Hannah fills her Lindsay in on all the stuff she missed the previous weekend. Hannah tells her that Carl lost his cool, and basically kicked Jordan out the house, and good riddance. But that upset Jules, who pulled Hannah to the side, and told her that Paige and Amanda said that she "doesn't connect with anyone in the house and that you [Hannah] would pick Jordan over me." Essentially, Paige and Amanda threw Hannah under the bus.

And Lindsay is foaming at the mouth getting all this information.

That's when Lindsay says, "Paige and Amanda are very cliquey" then says in a confessional, "I go away for one weekend, and the girls are out of control." I did LOL at that, Lindsay kills me.

Luke & Hannah – RIP (Season 4)

If you remember, Season 4 is when we got midwestern hockey coach/jewelry maker, Luke Gulbranson, and that is when he and Hannah were starting their situationship, we'll call it. And the girls had feelings about it. Well, Amanda and Paige did.

From their POV, they saw their bestie getting kind of "played" or lead-on by this guy, whom she was spending a lot of time with him, and they were concerned. Paige then brings her concerns to Lindsay, and Lindsay is having NONE of it. I mean, none of it.

Lindsay's philosophy is and I quote:

1. "Why are we gossiping about this?"
2. "Let Hannah try to figure out her relationships on her own, if she wants to date Luke, she can date Luke. Why don't you talk about your relationship? Is it amazing? Is it perfect?"

Lindsay then takes matters into her own hands, and after Paige brings her concerns to Lindsay, Lindsay marches her blonde bob out to the fire pit where Luke and Hannah are and tells him that Paige doesn't trust his intentions with Hannah.

And then, some of the true feelings between Lindsay and Paige start to come up when Lindsay meets Paige in the kitchen and tells her she acts so entitled (and I don't necessarily disagree). It then pops off, and Paige is like "you started this whole fight" and in Lindsay's mind, she feels that she was just opening up communication. As I said earlier, Paige and Lindsay have VERY different mindsets.

Flapper Party (Season 4)

This fight is basically a continuation of the fight they had the night before, but this time, they're all in Dollar Tree Gatsby outfits. Hannah seems to have jumped ship, though, and is now attacking Lindsay. Lindsay accuses those three of being cliquey, and Danielle cosigns.

I'm glad Lindsay had someone on her side. They never really resolve the issue, I think, being that Lindsay thinks Paige is being shady toward Hannah; Lindsay thinks Hannah, Amanda, and Paige are cliquey; and Paige, Hannah, and Amanda think Lindsay is a shit stirrer. And, they all just kind of go to bed (?). Seems healthy, and normal.

Roasty Toasty! (Season 4)

I don't know who fucking thinks roasts are ever a good idea; they sound fun in theory, but in reality, someone gets their feelings hurt and things get awkward. And shocker! That's exactly what happened.

Paige's roast to Lindsay goes: "Lindsay, when anyone thinks of you, the word fake never comes to mind. Except for when they are talking about your boobs, your lips, or your personality." 🔥

Lindsay didn't take it that great but she moved on. Then Paige took it upon herself to "in the honor of roasting everyone, I want to clear the air", again, that's never a good sign. And she basically puts Lindsay on blast, saying that Lindsay told people Paige was being a bad friend.

Lindsay starts to just walk away, and then Paige loses it, and says:

"My roast was fuckin' real, you are a fake ass bitch. That's insane. What you're doing right now, fuck you Lindsay. You tried to say I was a bad friend to Hannah, and now you're trying to shut this shit down. You talking about me in the car is being fake. Yeah, walk away, because you know you are wrong, which is what you did at your birthday. So. Just to let you know, Hannah and I will never fight, and this 'clique' that you hated so much, you were so happy was fighting on Sunday because you're so jealous of it. So think about that, before you try to talk shit about me."

Wow. Bethenny. Wow. I am winded just typing that.

Lindsay's response was typical Lindsay, "I'm not even gonna talk about this, should we go out?" then goes into the pantry with Luke and cries. She feels she is constantly getting ganged up on.

Virtual Reunion Rehash (Season 4)

During one of our very first virtual reunions during quarantine, Andy was in a hoodie for God's sake, Andy asks Amanda and Paige if they see where Lindsay is coming from regarding them being "cliquey."

And Paige quickly, and simply just says, "No." Then Andy asks, "Lindsay, do you think they still act like a clique?" and she says, "The difference is that we hangout with everyone. We are inclusive, we are not exclusive. We don't talk behind anyone's backs."

And then... we get a Brené Brown quote. It was unexpected, to say the least.

Lindsay says, "As Brené Brown says, 'it's not the critic who counts, it is the man in the arena who you have to admire' because I have been in the arena for four seasons now, and I give it my all. And unless you are literally showing your entire life for judgement, you don't really have an ability to judge other people."

Paige quips back, "I don't think you being on the show for four seasons has anything to do with the type of friend you are. Amanda and I are basically the same age and have a lot in common, so yes, I gravitated towards her. Hannah was then seeing Luke, I didn't he was great for her, no, so I expressed that to her. And anything I said behind anyone's back, I'm more than willing to say to their face, which I did to Lindsay. So calling us a clique, I just don't see that. And yes, you and Danielle are very different types of friends than I am with Amanda and Hannah. I would never hook up with the same guy my best friend is back and forth all summer, so you're right we are not the same type of friend."


And then Andy asks, "Paige, do you still Lindsay is a phony?" and she says, "to be totally honest, I don't think Lindsay liked me from the first day I walked into the house two summer ago. And for her to say she was trying to get Hannah to make up with us during her birthday, she never used the words 'you guys should make up'. She actually used the words 'you should call them out,' I think she liked that there was some type of rift happening."

Lindsay then snaps, and says "the last thing I was thinking about, was breaking up your guys' friendship. I was concerned, because Hannah was complaining to me."

Andy asked the girls, where they stand with each other, Paige says, "I never want to fight with her, I love having her in the house. Her antics are insane when she gets drunk. I genuinely like her company but I think we are both very similar that in the way that if we feel wronged, we will stand up for ourselves."

And Lindsay agrees, she said, "I will say that the last fight that we got in, I didn't say one word, and you were very harsh to me."

Note: Heading into Season 5, Hannah has an issue with Lindsay for not inviting her to the NYE party, and allegedly trying to get Danielle to hook up with Luke.

And it is tense.

Hannah's Swan Song (Season 5)

In the premiere, Hannah said to Paige, "I thought Lindsay was my friend" and Paige laughs and says, "I know and I had to deal with that all last summer. Thank god you see the light!"

Shots fired.

For the most part, Season 5 is A LOT of Hannah. A lot of Hannah fighting with essentially everyone so the Paige and Lindsay fight kind of takes the back seat. And of course, Paige is team Hannah as her bestie, and Lindsay is more-so team Luke.

Feel that? That is the cold breeze coming in from Vermont. You know what that means, Winter House tension.

Lil Digs (Winter House, Season 1)

Right away, before Lindsay's late arrival in the Winter House, Paige says, "Lindsay's coming today... it's gonna be a lot of energy... then Bravo plays a beautiful montage of Lindsay cussing everyone out. Chef's kiss.

So for the rest of Winter House, it is mainly Austen Kroll causing major drama with Ciara Miller, per usual. And Lindsay falls for Jason Cameron. Paige is winning over Andrea Denver. They all kind of kept to themselves, but the tension of course, it was brewing. It's always been brewing.

So that's why this season, I think we see it EXPLODE. And frankly, I have been and will be enjoying every. single. second.


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