Luke Gulbranson On What He's Learned From Craig & His Time In The Hamptons

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Luke Gulbranson On What He's Learned From Craig & His Time In The Hamptons

Truthfully, I don't know if I have ever seen two people who on the outside, couldn't be more different like Luke Gulbranson and Craig Conover. We have Luke, this outdoorsy, rugged, wood working, hockey player/model/actor, who wears a lot of flannel. Then we have Craig, who is much more Charleston, clean cut, sport-coat-wearing, pillow-making kind of guy. Just incredibly different vibes. But they have one thing in common, and that is candles (and probably drinking, too, and being on TV).

In the first part of my chat with Luke, he went into detail about how he started his brand, and how he would hand pour his candles and mix the oils to get the perfect scent. So I, of course, had to ask about Craig because I just have a feeling Craig may have advised Luke. They hang out off-screen, after all, and seemed to get along fine on Winter House. Why wouldn't they talk shop?

Below, Luke tells me what advice Craig shard with him, what it's like to be a beer-drinking woodworker in a sea of rosé sipping socialites in the Hamptons, and how he's trained himself to make his private life, public.

Let's get into it.

Luke On Craig

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Samantha Bush:
I have to ask, since you're thinking about opening up a store and putting your candles and your products into boutiques and stuff like that... has Craig given you any advice, seeing as he went through this with Sewing Down South?

Luke Gulbranson:
That's a great question. I haven't asked him for that advice and I probably should. I just feel like... It's like I take so much pride and just burying down and it getting done.

You guys have different vibes.

Yeah, we are. We're definitely two different people for sure, but I think... I definitely know that Craig would give me advice if I needed it. I did ask Craig about the candle stuff, because I had to outsource my candles. And he did give me some advice on that, which is funny because when I was doing my candles and we were hanging out, he was asking me questions on how I make them and like what to do. And then once I had outsourced them, it was kind of funny, because it went around full circle.

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