Who Is Austen Kroll Dating Now & Is She OK?

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Who Is Austen Kroll Dating Now & Is She OK?

Austen, Austen, Austen, you are all over the place my friend. First we have the drama with Madison. Then we got a love triangle with Kristin Cavallari and your bestie Craig. And then another love triangle with Hub House and Ciara. There were rumors about you and Kathryn. And now I'm hearing that you may have a new lady in the form of Southern Charm cast mate Olivia Flowers. So who is Austen dating now? Let's narrow down this timeline to see if we can figure it out.

  • February 2021: Winter House filmed, and thus the love triangle between Austen, Lindsay, and Ciara began.
  • June 2021: There were rumors swirling around about a love triangle between Austen, Craig, and Kristin Cavallari. (It was later shown on Summer House that Craig was the one hooking up with her.)
  • August 2021: Austen made out with both Ciara and Lindsay during Lindsay's birthday weekend as seen on Summer House.
  • October 2021: Winter House premiered with Ciara and Austen getting cozy on screen, but Austen confirming he's "single and dating" to press.
  • Fall 2021: Southern Charm filmed
  • November 2021: Austen posted a picture of him and Kathryn with the caption "New couple alert" sparking dating rumors. OK, just kidding... he's just trolling us. I'll never admit this was slightly funny.
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  • January 2022: Summer House Season 6 premiered.
  • February 2022: Dating rumors between Austen and with new Season 8 cast member, Olivia Flowers, begin when they both posted pictures of the same heart-shaped pizza during the month of ~love~.
Image: Instagram, @queensofbravo

So, there's no official announcement or confirmation that Austen is dating Olivia, but as of February, the two definitely seemed slightly flirty. Or they just have the same exact taste in pizza. If Olivia and Austen are indeed together, we will probably have to wait for the premiere of Southern Charm to get any sort of official announcement. Until then, can someone please tell me what it is about this man because I truly don't get it it? Like I'm actually asking.

Images: Bravo

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