Jules From 'Summer House' Talks "The Eviction" & The Never-Heard-Before Rumor That Started All Of The Drama

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Jules From 'Summer House' Talks "The Eviction" & The Never-Heard-Before Rumor That Started All Of The Drama

Jules Daoud panic-watches each episode of Summer House. The Cincinnati born-and-raised newcomer joined the Hamptons share house and its seven roommates for Season 4 of the absolute best show on Bravo just five days after moving to New York City, and even though she says she knew what she was signing up for when she decided to join the reality show vis-á-vis the share house, it's still nerve-wracking to see your weekends aired on cable TV. "I warn my mom," Jules, 25, says.

Her process is: Watch the episode in advance of Wednesday night, text her mom anything she might need a heads up on (like that phone-sex call to Jordan, which by the way, her mom said she handled "amazingly"), and then sometimes she group texts with her cast mates, but it depends on the episode.

One episode in particular was harder to watch than others. It's titled "Pledge Master, Beer Lord," but you'll probably remember it as "Kyle Cooke's 37th Frat-Themed Birthday Party With Goats, Those Southern Charm Guys, Black-Out Shlammerness Before Sundown (Bless), and Jordan Verroi and Jules' Eviction Notice."

Carl Radke decided that he couldn't live with the Jules and Jordan drama anymore and unceremoniously told them that they're both kicked out of the house. (Hannah Berner told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that it was best that Jordan leave the house in Season 4, after his not-so-great Season 3. "He tried too hard for redemption, and it smacked him in the face," she said.)

Carl Radke, to Jules and Jordan.

Carl's outburst was kind of out of the blue. First of all, is being kicked out of a summer house you (let's just suspend all disbelief here) paid for, even a thing? "I wasn't aware [it was]," says Jules. "I didn't know it was Survivor."

Second of all, where did this whole eviction thing even come from?

"So, I knew that people have their hesitations about Jordan," Jules explains. "I was figuring that out as the weekends went on, that people didn't trust him." That adds up. Jordan was the one who had brought Jules into the Summer House fold, she tells me. They met on a photoshoot, they vibed, and he said she should come out to the summer house in the Hamptons: "And then he introduced me to all of his friends and that's how it all started," Jules says.

Jordan — a Season 3 cast member who returned for Season 4 in more of a "friend of" role — never really found his footing on the show, and that is putting it really nicely and really lightly. Let's just say that if you had to choose which Summer House cast member is an alien sent to Earth to figure out how to act like a human, it would be Jordan. It's as if he's never been here (planet Earth) before; he says and does the weirdest things. Is he just quirky and misunderstood, or a benign extra-terrestrial from the Uncanny Valley in a human skin suit? A skin suit on top of a robotic interior might explain his reluctance in the bedroom with Jules. Think about it. Or don't. Anyway, Jordan is unusual!

Jules Daoud and Jordan Verroi, before they’re “evicted.” (Photo by: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo)

Back to Jules, and her shock at being told to leave the house. "I was completely blindsided," she says. "The secret conversation that happened in the bedroom, I obviously realized that everyone was missing. But I had no idea what they were talking about. And I just don't understand why someone couldn't have just come up to me and been like, 'Hey, we feel we're not getting as close to you.'"

Jules says she felt like she was thrown into the lion's den this season. "It definitely made me a little sad. There are many instances where you'll see Kyle pull Luke [Gulbranson] to the side, because Kyle brought Luke in, and just give him advice."

Hannah, who was Jordan's friend and therefore supposed to be Jules' summer house sensei, didn't do that. "It's not like I expected her to babysit me or anything, but I did expect her to be a little bit more of a friend," she says.

Which, like, yes, exactly! If the housemates didn't feel like they were connecting with Jules (a complaint we heard from them over and over)... shouldn't they have attempted to connect with Jules? The onus is generally on the hosts to make the newcomers feel welcome; why wasn't the cast nicer to her?

"I don't know! I don't know, I ...don't know," Jules admits. After having watched the summer playback on TV, "I would like to say it was because of my relationship with Jordan. They just didn't care for me the same way they don't really care for him. I think once he left the house, people started to finally see me for who I am, and then we started rebuilding our friendships based on facts about me and not stupid rumors."

Okay so, the cast didn't like Jules and wanted her gone because they thought she was a package deal with Jordan, as Carl said in their morning-after house meeting, when they ultimately decided Jules can stay. Fine. But, what "stupid rumors" is Jules talking about?

Jules’ reaction when they tried to evict her.

"Jordan had obviously told them about me before I had arrived," Jules says. She claims Jordan made the cast question her integrity, which made them hesitant to get to know her.

Here's Jules' version of the rumor, in her own words: "So, the one thing that I vividly remember [Jordan] saying was he went up to Kyle and Amanda [Batula]... Well, I don't know if he did it in person or via text, whatever. But he told Kyle and Amanda that I basically wanted to hook up with Amanda and jeopardize their engagement."


"Yeah, it's absurd. Some of the things that Jordan says is just, it's bullshit. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it's straight bullshit. And so that's why Amanda didn't trust me." (The Dipp reached out to Jordan for comment on this claim, but didn't hear back before publication.)

Jules is a bisexual woman (a fact that could've been explored more on the show, in my humble opinion) and says that she, Amanda, and the other girls talked about this hook-up-with-Amanda rumor. "There were conversations that happened previously to girls' night that weren't shown," she says, "but I made it very clear that I was not there to jeopardize [Amanda's] engagement."

With Jordan out of the picture, Jules says the cast was more open to get to know her.

Jules, talking to Carl.

Besides the Amanda, Kyle, Jordan, and Jules issue, the other relationship drama in the house this season centers around Hannah and Luke. It's hard not to be Team Hannah on this one; it's confusing to an outsider why anyone (the housemates, in this case) would care so much about the capital "I" Intentions behind Hannah and Luke's fling, but "it's just the nature of a share house," Jules says.

"Plus, the walls are so thin. So when literally all of the Hamptons heard Hannah and Luke [hook up] that night — I really mean the entire Hampton's heard her — obviously, we're going to be up in everyone's business."

The morning after Hannah and Luke woke everyone up with their tennis noises sex noises, Jules says there was a lot of tension in the house. The girls were worried that Hannah was getting played by Luke, but Luke suggested on the show that their interest in Hannah and him was because "they're bored with their own lives and themselves."

Jules' isn't bored, though. She's maybe a little lost, but bored? She and Southern Charm cast member Craig Conover had sex when he visited the summer house for Kyle's birthday weekend; she's been hot-tubbing with Carl and it's hinted that they hook up (potentially in a threesome with Danielle Olivera) in the finale; she's got enough friend drama in the house to suffocate a small horse with its sheer awkwardness; and Monday through Friday, she's a full-time digital media designer and social media manager for brands and businesses. She's pretty busy.

Craig and Jules at Kyle’s birthday party.

In terms of Craig, she says, "Craig and I are still really close. He was such a bright light for me that day." The day she's talking about is Kyle's birthday party, where Carl told her he wanted her out of the house.

"I could not have gotten through that day without Craig and Paige and Amanda being there for me. Craig was just so fun. Every time he comes to New York we hang out and yeah, we're still close." When he visited last, they hung out with his friends, and at night, "I would stay with him, wherever he was staying," she says.

And Craig's into it, too. He told me over email that they're still friends and they text. "I’m sure we’d see each other when I’m in NYC again,” he said.

As for Jules' relationship with Carl (and maybe Danielle), we'll have to watch the finale. "We threw such an epic party, and there's some cliffhangers," Jules says of the final episode. "But hopefully, we'll be able to answer some of those cliffhanging questions after that episode's over."

That's right — the reunion is airing right after the Season 4 finale; it's already been filmed remotely. Many of the cast members have already shared their #reunionlewks, but haven't shared anything else.

From the “On-the-finale-of-‘Summer-House'” trailer, it looks like Carl and Jules hook up.

At the beginning of the season, Jules started off as the "new girl in New York trying to make some new friends," she says.

At the end of the season, does she think of her cast mates as... friends? Currently, the answer is yes. "But maybe if you had asked me halfway through the summer, I'd be like, 'absolutely not.'"

Let the panic-watching begin: The Summer House Season 4 finale and reunion air Wednesday, May 6 on Bravo, starting at 10 p.m. ET.

Feature image: Bravo Media

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