Paige Said A Lot About Lindsay On 'WWHL' Without Saying Much At All

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Paige Said A Lot About Lindsay On 'WWHL' Without Saying Much At All

It's no secret that Paige DeSorbo and Lindsay Hubbard just don't... how do I say this... vibe. Click. Mesh. And quite honestly, never have. We've watched them for a few seasons now and they never really hangout one on one, or have girl talk in Paige's bed, where all the other girls seem to congregate. So, on Monday's episode of Summer House we finally got these two to confront one another, and little pieces of information about how they feel about one another were dropped. Little nuggets of insight, if you will. And then it got even more interesting on Watch What Happens Live!

But let's start with the episode. Austen "Fozzie Bear" Kroll sends the house into fucking pandemonium. He not only creates tension between Lindsay and Ciara Miller, but somehow Paige, Danielle Olivera, and even Luke Gulbranson get involved.

When it comes to the fight between Lindsay and Paige in particular, I find myself very neutral. I think Paige was right in that she was sticking up for Lindsay when it came to the whole Austen conversation, and then I feel like the disagreement went from 0 to 100 when Paige got up to walk away when Lindsay sat down next to Austen, who at the time, was talking to Paige. "Watch me walk away," etc.

Then the fight went from 100 to 1,000 when Paige called Lindsay "diabolical." That's when their past issues with each other, I feel, just kind of bubbled up. And they reached their peak in the kitchen.

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