Are Danielle & Robert From 'Summer House' Still Dating? Their Instagrams Hold Clues

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Are Danielle & Robert From 'Summer House' Still Dating? Their Instagrams Hold Clues

On this week's episode of Summer House, the boyfriends finally visit and we get some much needed energy injected into the house. Hannah's boyfriend, now fiancé, Des Bishop made his long awaited appearance and so did Danielle's boyfriend, Robert. But while Hannah and Des were banging in every closet/bathroom/pantry of the house, our other couple du'episode were having stilted convos six feet apart. So are Danielle and Robert still dating?

Even though they didn't seem to be that into each other on the show, yes, they are very much still together, according to omniscient social media, and, and! an interview Danielle gave a month ago that confirmed she's still with Robert.

For what it's worth, Danielle has hooked up with three people under one roof (Carl, Luke, and Robert) and for that reason, she is this week's Summer House champion. She's been underestimated for way too long now — she's too normal! — but when you can bring lowkey Kathryn Dennis vibes to a show, you are Bravo royalty. She also has incredible hair.

Anyway, Danielle told Showbiz Cheatsheet that she and Robert met right before she went into quarantine on Summer House, or Social House, as Robert would call it. He's a chef out in the Hamptons and they first saw each other when he came table-side while she was dining. “When a hot chef comes out to your table, you notice,” she told the website.

From there, the rest is smooth sailing on a bay of Hampton Water. Things look pretty serious for the pair... they say "I love you" on Instagram, so you know it's for real.

Here are some recent moments from Danielle and Robert's love journey:

April 8, 2021: Robert Shares A Photo Of Them, Teases The Episode

[rich Embed]

April 3, 2021: Danielle Comments "😍" and "❤️" On Robert's Post

[rich Embed]

Feb. 24, 2021: Danielle Says She's Lucky To Be Loved By Robert, And Also Says "I Love You"

[rich Embed]

Jan 31, 2021: They Went To Park City Together

[rich Embed]

Dec. 25, 2020: They Wore Matching Christmas PJs

[rich Embed]

Dec. 22, 2020: Robert Wishes Danielle A Happy Birthday, Says "Love You, Baby"

[rich Embed]

Nov. 15, 2020: Robert Seems To Confirm That He And Danielle Have Moved In Together

[rich Embed]

You love to see it.


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