Did Amanda Batula & Kyle Cooke get a prenup?

We've seen this storyline -- the storyline of Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's prenup -- teased when Kyle was in the car with Austen, and I need to know if they actually got one. Does anyone have gossip/tea about this prenup?

Something tells me it's a no brainer that they DID get a prenup. If you're signing paperwork (even if it's not legally-binding) BEFORE the wedding, then you're definitely gonna get one that covers your ass AFTER the wedding.

The pre-wedding contract was to confirm that Kyle would pay back Amanda's parents if they called off the wedding due to Kyle's drinking.

With the pressure from Loverboy investors and the fact that they already seem comfortable planning for the worst case scenario in terms of their relationship (no shade in that game) then I say they ABSOLUTELY got one. And TBH it's probably smart. (Not sure how many options Amanda has in Loverboy but I hope it's a shit ton because her designs are flawless -- negotiating power, my girl!)