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Lol he can be easily ignored - I feel like the cast got into the groove in Season 3 and ramped up the drama

For Summer House, Season 3 is where it’s at. Season 1 and 2 are good for background info, but won’t get them hooked.

We have Netflix, and since I live in the UK, I can get access to Hayu via Amazon Prime for £5 a month which has access to all Bravo content the next day after airing. I couldn’t live without Bravo!

The issue for me is - there really is lots of amazing content - but it’s SO expensive to subscribe to every platform. It’s like we are basically paying for cable - or even more - now to keep up. My husband and I decided to pick 3 we really liked and unfortunately miss out on the others. We just can’t justify the cost. Streaming was meant to be affordable and break away from cable - and it feels like we are right back there again.

I personally LOVE when someone calls me by my initials, and it started mostly at work. I think it’s cute and fun.

Of course! Above all, remember to enjoy your engagement and all the activities! Such an exciting time in life!! Congrats!!

If I was a boy, I would have been an Andrew or a Geoffrey. I love the name Andrew, and it’s actually my husbands name so that works out lol, but I hate Geoffrey spelled with Geo, but my dad’s name is George so that’s why.

I don’t think they has another girl name for me, but I do know if they had another daughter they would have named her Mallory, and that’s just awful - so 80s and reminds me of a duck (mallard) lol

100% - but I would say carefully planned because if anyone thinks two very high net worth individuals - and especially one related to Kris Kenner - got married without all the prenups in place - they are insane lol

French onion dip - especially Deans - I will die on that hill.

Also love a good taco dip - and of course chips and salsa and queso.

2 last tips (I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I find these two important):

1. Set a budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. 2 weeks before your wedding, things will get crazy and you’ll just throw money at problems, but if you stayed on budget up to that point, it’ll all turn out ok.

2. Spend money on the things people notice, and skip on the things they don’t. For example, no one notices or cares about a take home gift, but they will comment on the food and the cake.