Fake Florist Drama --> Winter House ?!

So the last two episodes we watch Kyle kind of meltdown due to the fact they have a lot do for this wedding that is in 3 weeks, including have to get a florist because their florist dropped out at the last minute. Well... according to the DeuxMoi of Bravo, @bravoandcocktails, they are saying, allegedly of course, that this was all a lie and rouse to get us invested in the flowers so that they could showcase the designer at the wedding.

The florist is "Dearest Rachel".

But that's not at all. I'm now hearing that this designer is also going to be on... you guessed it, the second season of Winter House...

I don't know, I know things are not always as they appear on shows, but this one kind of bothers me because it's such lie and so orchestrated. What do you think?