Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula's Rehearsal Dinner Round-Up

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Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula's Rehearsal Dinner Round-Up

Finally, the wedding three years in the making is upon us! As a Summer House diehard fan, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's wedding is my Everest. I have my alerts set so that if anyone in the Summer House crew shares a post or an Instagram Story, your girl will be notified within seconds! Dedication people!

And so far, the content has already been streaming in. The rehearsal dinner was Thursday at the Italian restaurant Sorellina, in Hoboken, NJ, and Amanda has shared information about her dress (and of course, I figured out how her dress designer connects to other Bravolebs lol), details about her ring, and the bridal and groomsmen parties.

As of now, I haven't seen the following Summer House and/or Winter House cast post about the wedding (but I'm keeping an eye on it): Luke Gulbranson, Danielle Olivera, Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller, or Hannah Berner. Not that I expect Hannah to be there, but still. Lindsay Hubbard has commented on IGs and has shared a pic of Carl Radke on her Story, showing off his rehearsal dinner look, so Linds is definitely involved.

S0! Here's everything you may have missed about Kyle and Amanda's big day before the Big Day. The party's just getting started so let's get activated.

The Happy Couple

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke looking happy and ready to get married at their rehearsal dinner!

The Dress

Look familiar?! It should if you are a Bravo fan! This is the shop of the same dress designer that did Bethenny Frankel's wedding dress for her wedding to Jason Hoppy. Annnnd... it's also the place where Tinsley Mortimer cried over her frozen eggs. We love to see Amanda keeping it in the Bravo family!

Bride's Family

Love the Batulas! All ready to celebrate and looking cute!

Groom's Family

I don't see his mom in the picture, but I'm assuming these are Kyle's siblings? Cousins? Etc?

The Bride and Carl "My Baby Daddy" Radke

Just two beautiful people. I wonder if Carl will be the best man? I guess we will see.

Amanda and Paige DeSorbo

Summer House besties! I cannot wait to see the bridesmaids' dresses!

Carl + Kyle = BFF4L

I have a feeling that Carl is the best man, which I love. These two have such a great, real friendship.

The Ring

The ring is designed by the infamous Stephanie Gottlieb, a very exclusive ring designer in New York City. Nice work, Kyle!


I obviously only recognize Paige and Amanda, but again, so excited to see the dresses Amanda picked out.


"Some" of the lads, soooo there is more?! Kyle does strike me as someone who would have a lot of groomsmen.

I will be reporting more throughout the weekend! I am just getting started y'all. Stay tuned!


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