Hannah Berner Says Her Relationship With Luke Was "Too Complex" For TV

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Hannah Berner Says Her Relationship With Luke Was "Too Complex" For TV

A lot of Summer House Season 4 was centered around the "situationship" between Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson. Their undefined connection was relatable and their "will they, won't they" kind of dynamic left a majority of us rooting for the sporty funny girl to get the hot motorcycle guy.

After Season 4 wrapped in the spring of 2020, we watched throughout the pandemic on Instagram as they shared screenshots of their FaceTimes and commented on each other's posts. They seemed happy, and it got us excited for Season 5.

And then when Season 5 hit in February 2021, truthfully, after watching, I was left very triggered. Seeing this guy who was her friend first, before anything, seemingly gaslight her into thinking they were nothing, and then watching the whole house sort of take Luke's side, was infuriating. If men have anything, it's the audacity.

Because, as she tells me, yes, there were feelings there, yes, she would have explored them, but when Luke showed up with Ciara Miller, Hannah cried, then got her shit together, and focused on the new man in her life who was communicative, interested, and made her happy: Des.

In part one of my three part interview with Hannah, she explains what viewers don't understand about what happened with Luke, what really happened with the Luke/Des timeline, and what she found most confusing about the reaction to it all.

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