Hannah Berner On What Amanda Batula Told Her One Night After A Comedy Show

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Hannah Berner On What Amanda Batula Told Her One Night After A Comedy Show

Over the years, we saw the beginning and the end of the friendship between Amanda Batula and Hannah Berner on Summer House. I loved watching them because they were real friends – Amanda would even take Hannah's side over fiancé Kyle Cooke's most of the time – until they just kinda, weren't.

Over the course of Season 5, we watched Hannah and Amanda's relationship crumble. But, as Amanda and Hannah both told me, they ended the summer of 2020 in a solid place. They each felt like they were on good terms and had mended whatever was broken during the course of filming. Then, the episodes started airing in February of 2021, and those good terms ended.

When I spoke to Amanda in April 2021, she said of her relationship with Hannah: "We left the house in what I thought was a really good place. So I'm not quite sure what happened other than, you know, the show airing has changed opinions, but we haven't really spoken about it."

When I spoke with Hannah last week, she basically said the same thing (more on that below). And during our conversation, I really got to see her peel back the layers of a television-personality-turned-stand-up-comedian. And, add to that the fact that Amanda had something to do with Hannah's transformation, well, it's a storyline good enough for reality TV.

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