Should Danielle's Boyfriend Robert Join 'Summer House' Season 6?

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Should Danielle's Boyfriend Robert Join 'Summer House' Season 6?

We can tell from looking at their Instagrams that, as of three days ago, Summer House cast member Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber are still dating and in love. And it seems like they moved in together in November, 2020. You love to see it.

Unlike Des Bishop (Hannah Berner's boyfriend, now fiancé), who left the house after one weekend, Robert stuck around a little longer and made it into the finale episode of Season 5. An honor, sir!

In an after-show on, everyone in the cast had something kind to say about him ... he's down for a good time, he made an effort to get to know them, he's super fun, and he's a great cook. Now, if only we heard him talk on the show...

Anyway, given that Danielle and Robert are currently together in April, 2021, and the whole cast loves him, does that mean he'll join the Hamptons house this summer and become a part of the cast for Season 6? I reached out to him, but haven't heard back.

There are pros and cons, of course, of what Chef Robert would bring to the show.

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Robert, Get In Here, Buddy!

🍻He's a chef, which means he'd probably take over cooking duties, which would alleviate Amanda from her cooking duties, which would free her up to bring us entertainment by having heart to hearts with Paige Desorbo and/or inadvertently "coming for" Hannah.

🍻The guys could use some new energy. Carl Radke, Luke Gulbranson, and Kyle Cooke are all stars, and I very much appreciated them blowing up at each other after a long day of drinking, but let's throw a fourth guy in the mix who can actually contribute. Lindsay Hubbard's boyfriend Stephen was just so sad, you guys. Ugh he depressed me. Get him out of there and replace him with Robert! Robert has tattoos! There's gotta be something there.

🍻There's precedence. As I mentioned, Stravy was in the house, so it is possible that a cast member can add their significant other to the group. I mean, Luke also brought Ciara Miller, someone "he was dating" but I don't buy that for a second. They had zero chemistry.

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Stay Back, Robert!

🙅‍♂️ I love Danielle and Robert, but will they be messy enough for this show? We know Lindsay and whoever she brings in will be, same with Hannah, but Dobert? Danert? Robielle? They're normal and probably have healthy boundaries and healthy communication styles. Boring!!

🙅‍♂️ Our girl Danielle likes to party and she always has some good insight (or dirt) to share in her confessionals about what went down after a big night out. If Danielle chooses to stay in and go to bed early with Robert, we'll very much miss her as an interpreter of Drunk Lindsay behavior. That's just not something I'm comfy leaving in the hands of, like, Kyle.

🙅‍♂️ I'm sure he could promote his business and get some catering gigs out of appearing on a reality show, buuuut, can't say it's a guarantee that your life won't be ruined. It may not be! But it also could be. The amount of hate Hannah and Des have gotten (have you seen the reunion trailer?) does not look good. And Amanda told us in an interview that she gets a ton of DMs to this day that remind her that Kyle cheated.

Do you think Robert will join Season 6??


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