A 'Succession' Flip-O-Meter — Ranking Who Could Turn On Logan In The Season 3 Finale

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A 'Succession' Flip-O-Meter — Ranking Who Could Turn On Logan In The Season 3 Finale

Despite the season-long promise of Kendall taking him down, Logan Roy seems like he'll be ending Season 3 completely unscathed and still on top. As Tom says, Logan doesn't get fucked. But eventually, someone on Succession has to turn on Logan Roy. Otherwise, what's the point? So, following "Chiantishire" and ahead of the Season 3 finale, let's look at the odds of Succession characters flipping on Logan. Cause I don't know about you, but I'd like to see Logan Roy get fucked one of these days.

Waystar Royco may need the help of Lukas Matsson's GoJoe to stay relevant and survive. But when it comes to the players in Waystar Royco and the Roy family, Logan is still the top dog. But as Logan continues to be on his worst behavior, here's how likely it is that the other characters will screw (or, attempt to screw) him over. They're each ranked on a scale of 1–10 with 1 being least likely and 10 being most likely. And, as is right, Connor doesn't even make the list.


Shiv, once the likeliest to flip (even as recent as the previous episode!) and join Team Kendall, is now looking officially like a non-flipper. Upon her mom telling her that Logan kicks the things he loves (people, dogs, etc.) to see if they'll come back, Shiv thought, "Cool! Kick me more, Dad! I'll prove I'll keep coming back." Now, in her mind, this is a power play to take ultimate control over the company. But even in her master plan, she'll be playing Daddy's game by Daddy's rules for years. And with Roman stumbling from his current top child spot with a very ill-timed dick pic, Shiv will be more motivated than ever to stay in Daddy's good graces.

Flip Feasibility: 1


A former flipper (though not a full flipper), Greg really has shown no interest in taking down Logan in Season 2 — even if he is terrified of him. And with his grandfather donating his inheritance to Greenpeace and Kendall showing him zero allegiance after giving him the cruise documents, Greg needs the security Logan provides now more than ever. But, Greg's a wild card, bitches! You never know what that beanstalk is truly thinking, so it's not entirely out of the question. And assuming he has more information about the cruise scandal than he initially gave Kendall, his flip could pack a punch.

Flip Feasibility: 5


Even if she doesn't recognize it, Shiv treats Tom like Logan treats Shiv — she keeps kicking him to see if he'll keep coming back. (And Tom treats Greg that way... the circle of fucked-up relationships.) How many times does Tom have to be told she doesn't love him directly in his face before he listens? Even he doesn't know!

The Season 2 finale showed that Tom was deeply unhappy with Shiv, but nothing solid has come of it. Perhaps it's naive to think that Tom would ever flip on Shiv — and thus, Logan — but Succession is certainly building that case. If Shiv keeps kicking him down and the threat of prison due to his coverup of the cruise ship scandal is put back on the table, would he turn on Logan to save himself? A girl can dream.

Flip Feasibility: 6


It seemed this was Roman's season to be Daddy's favorite, but Roman flew too close to the sun with his dick out. He's going to be put in time-out due to his dick pic (I'm still haunted) and Roman's antics may scare Logan away from the Matsson deal entirely — which means Daddy will not be pleased. Still, Roman doesn't seem poised to flip on Logan even if Logan is mad at/disturbed by him. Even if Logan sent Roman away to rehab to deal with his sex issues or something, I think Roman would suck it up and do it. The only possibility where I can see Roman flipping is if Logan does indeed fire Gerri. Is Roman so committed to her that he'd leave too or seek revenge? Eh, Roman's loyalty to Gerri would be tested, but I'm pretty sure Roman wouldn't stick his neck (or dick... sorry had to) for her.

Flip Feasibility: 3


Logan is willing to fire Waystar Royco's counsel of other 30 years due to the actions of his son. (Oh, what would Logan do if he found out about the jerking off from last season?) It's total bullshit and with Shiv gunning for her now too, Gerri might need an emergency exit plan.

I would love to see Gerri throw Logan under the bus if he fired her. And Gerri certainly knows all about the cruise ship sex scandal and plenty of other scandals that viewers haven't even been privy to, so she has the ammunition to at least make a dent in Logan's armor. God, Logan deserves her to ruin him for the fact alone that he told Roman, "She's a million years old. It's fucking disgusting," while he, an 82-year-old fucks his 30-year-old assistant. (My blood boils! How dare you talk about J. Smith-Cameron — or any woman — that way!) Unfortunately, I recognize this is a fan's fever dream. But in another time long, long ago (Season 1), Gerri was willing to betray Logan to help Kendall take control. So, c'mon Gerri, do it for the viewers at home!

Flip Feasibility: 7

Frank & Karl

Frank and Karl aren't necessarily a package deal since Frank has flipped and gone with Kendall before. But Frank hasn't shown any interest in doing so now that he's in Logan's good graces (lol) in Season 3. As for Karl, Logan may have too much dirt on him since all those "jokes" about Karl's inappropriate sexual behavior must have some truth to them. But, if Logan went ahead with a merger with Matsson, Shiv brought up that the top Waystar team would "obviously be fighting for your lives." These guys seemed worried. If they were going to be screwed out of their positions, would they be willing to screw over Logan? If they did, like Gerri, they've got the dirt since the two of them mentioned the myriad of other scandals (tabloid suicides, Argentina, the Tiananmen accommodations, and Sally Ann) in the Season 3 premiere. But that would mean exposing their bad behavior, too, and these two haven't lasted so long in Waystar by admitting guilt.

Flip Feasibility: Frank: 4, Karl: 2


Kendall has technically already flipped. But he's lost his will to take down his dad since the DOJ investigation into the cruise scandal went nowhere. As of the end of "Chiantishire," Kendall also had no will to live as he pushed his face into the pool. There's the legitimate concern that Kendall could act on his suicidal thoughts since there have been indicators throughout the series. But his actions in the pool were somewhat passive, so that will hopefully not be the case.

Despite where "Chiantishire" left him, Kendall could be motivated to screw over Logan once more — especially if handed the opportunity. Ken wants out, but Daddy won't let him (Logan — you are truly fucked) and Logan continues to use the death of Andrew Dodds to control him. But what if Kendall turned the tables? If Kendall came forward and confessed to being there when Dodds died and fleeing the scene, he could also expose his dad for covering it up. There's the podcast that Comfry mentioned, so he has an audience ready and willing to listen. Kendall wouldn't want to go to jail, but perhaps he'd get a deal for coming forward. And this confession may give him some form of absolution that he so desperately desires... while also taking hurting his dad in the process. If the Dodds story broke, maybe more people would come forward with Logan's wrongdoing — and it would be a tidy way to bring the whole series together.

Flip Feasibility: 9

Logan Roy always lands on top and will probably remain there at the end of Season 3. But these people have the goods to change that narrative. Let's just see if they have the guts — and self-interest — to go through with it.

Images: Macall B. Polay/HBO (6), Graeme Hunter/HBO, HBO (2)

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