Should We Actually Feel Bad For Tom On 'Succession?'

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Should We Actually Feel Bad For Tom On 'Succession?'

Objectively, no. This ambitious man is slavering for upward mobility at Waystar and is a member of, as Frank coins, the "Cruise Dirty Sex Fuck Cover-up Party." But at the same time, yes, because Succession's Tom Wambsgans, Chair of Global Broadcast News, acquiescent spouse to Shiv, unwilling partaker in Boar on the Floor, is Exhibit A of someone who, no matter how hard he tries, will just not be accepted into the Roy clique. As Shiv reminds him in the Season 2 finale, he's like family, but isn't actually family.

He's the bottom rung, the Tom sundae, the outsider who can be kicked around and tossed to the wolves since he doesn't have a Roy last name. The only person below him who he can lash his internalized rejection out at is Cousin Greg, but who, unlike Tom, has the wherewithal to see his expendable "sprinkle" status for what it is and jump ship before it's too late.

In no way does the neglect and manipulation from his in-laws justify covering up years of corporate corruption and treating Greg like his personal punching bag, but I do in many ways feel bad for Tom, who, much like Greg, is turned inside out by the environment in which he finds himself. So consider this a means of understanding Waystar's most tortured executive (sorry, Kendall). This one's for you, Tommy boy.

Season 2, Episode 10, "This Is Not for Tears"
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