Everything I Learned About Sam Logan & Juliette Porter's Breakup While Hungover On My Couch

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Everything I Learned About Sam Logan & Juliette Porter's Breakup While Hungover On My Couch

We all leapt for joy when Juliette Porter of Siesta Key finally moved on from her cheating boyfriend Alex Kompo, and ran into the arms of nice guy, Sam Logan. He showered her with lavish gifts (um a RANGE ROVER), and even asked her to move in toward the end of Season 4.

The Season 4 finale left us with a cliffhanger when we were introduced to Sam's ex girlfriend Brittany, who told fellow cast member Amanda that Sam recently told her he wants her back. "NO WAY! He treats Juliette like a princess!" I remember yelling at my TV. Well, that was two weeks ago, and this is now.

As I lay on my couch last weekend hungover, I did what we all do while laying around doing nothing... I scrolled Instagram. As I mindlessly looked through the app, I started to notice my DMs were all telling me to immediately go look at Sam and Juliette's Instagram stories... and that is where my deep dive into Sam and Juliette's breakup begins.

Juliette's IG And Sam's Response

Screenshots of Sam and Juliette's story, which was my first clue to the breakup. 

Juliette had posted a cryptic quote saying, "You never look good trying to make someone look bad." And soon after, Sam added a photo to his story with the caption, "You never looked good." Ouch.

I usually try not to overthink these things, but Sam's story is literally of pool furniture with the caption, "You never look good," and I highly doubt he's talking about the chairs.

I then continued to watch Juliette's Instagram stories, and it became very clear she was moving into her own apartment.

Home Organizing Company Accidentally (?) Reveals Juliette Has Moved

@neatfreak_srq's story clearly stating Juliette has MOVED IN somewhere. 

Juliette posted a story showing how she was organizing her closet and tagged the business she hired to help her organize. Now, I know you're thinking that people organize their closets everyday and that doesn't mean they are going through a breakup.

WELL, I decided to check out the closet organizer's Instagram (@neatfreak_srq) and they posted a story of the closet clutter with the caption "The Before: Clutter, Move in Mess". Emphasis on the MOVE IN.

Now, I'm not one to judge since I live in a shoebox but Sam lives in a pretty sick mansion, and I highly doubt he decided to downsize with Juliette one day and move into an apartment. This is very clearly Juliette's new apartment, and it's gorgeous.

But little did I know that the drama was far from over...

Sam Gone Wild

Taken from @paulypaul Instagram story the day news of the breakup leaked.

Juliette has been surprisingly silent during this whole ordeal but Sam decided to take the opposite approach. While she is posting stories about her bathing suit line, and singing in the car with her friends... Sam has gone out of his way to show us all how single he is. While we don't know the specific details of the breakup yet, Sam's behavior has me thinking that Juliette broke up with him.

He has been nonstop posting pictures of himself clubbing, partying with girls in tiny bikinis (probably not JMP label), and referring to the girls as "babe" in his videos.

Sam cuddling up to a blonde friend over the weekend

I am all about moving on and living your best life, but these posts are obnoxious. As of now (Thurs, Aug. 19), Sam and Juliette are still following each other and I couldn't imagine seeing this on my ex's Insta right after our break up.

Paul Enters The Chat

Juliette's portrait leaving Sam's mansion on @paulypaul's Insta story

Not only is Sam surrounding himself with young, tanned beach babes but he's hanging out with Pauly. Don't remember Pauly? He's Alex Kompo's cousin who tried to have a rap career and constantly disappointed his adorable grandma.

Pauly decided to insert himself in the drama and post a story of the infamous Juliette painting being taken off the wall (WITH THE FACE FIXED). He also posted some obnoxious story of Chloe and made fun of her new transformation. What Pauly and Chloe have to do with ANY of this, I'm not sure but my head is officially spinning.

@paulypaul's obnoxious Insta story of Chloe.

Now, it's been a few days since Sam's wild weekend of fraternizing with Pauly and hanging out with v young blondes. During this time, Sam was getting A LOT of comments from Siesta Key fans calling him immature and petty for intentionally trying to hurt Juliette through his stories. I'd feel a little bad for him if he was someone who notoriously shared his personal life but... Sam is known for being quiet and private. It does seem like he's suddenly oversharing to either hurt Juliette or prove some sort of point.

A Way Forward?

Sam's reply to a fan saying he's better off without Juliette. (@siestakeymteav)

Now... it seems the dust has begun to settle, and Sam is starting to take a different approach with his reaction to the breakup. BTW, Juliette still has said NOTHING (pleasantly surprised and impressed with that). So instead of putting on a spectacle all over the internet, Sam has now decided to play nice and act like he's the stand up guy we all thought he was once upon a time. He has began replying to fans praising Juliette and saying he's just doing what "single guys do."

Sam suddenly acting like he wasn't a jerk all weekend. (@siestakeymteav)

I had so many questions while watching this whole thing play out all day... some of which are still unanswered. What's happening with Juliette's new Range Rover? Also, why the f is Pauly hanging around when his cousin is also Juliette's ex, and is back on the show?

Will Juliette reignite her former crush on Kelsey's boyfriend Max? We'll have to wait until next season to find out but thankfully this was allegedly all captured on film (muahaha).

Is anyone else already counting down the days until next season? Ok good, me too.


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