Predictions For Next Season Of 'Siesta Key,' From Partying To Parenthood

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Predictions For Next Season Of 'Siesta Key,' From Partying To Parenthood

From wedding planning to wedding stalling, slaps to the face, drinks to the face, a pregnancy announcement and a bikini launch party – Siesta Key Season 4A has been a wild ride that ended with, well, a whimper. But, the boring finale and reunion were good for two things. One, Kelsey Owens' IG Live post-show was full of secrets, and two, MTV announced during the reunion special that Season 4B was coming later this year. So, what happens next season on Siesta Key?

Let's figure it out. And let’s start with the one thing we need to get out of the way before we can move into more light-hearted, less heartbreaking, territory.

Brandon's Custody Request

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Oof. Now, let’s remember that Brandon was not in baby Quincy’s life for a while. He even blocked Delainey when she told him she was pregnant and the baby was his. At the time, Brandon was dating Camilla and she was pregnant, too. Camilla had lost her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy and Brandon thought that the best solution was to hide the truth about Delainey's pregnancy, rather than face it and be a dad. It was terrible all around.

Even worse, Camilla seems to be entertaining the idea of getting back together with him, even though Brandon allegedly hooked up with Jordana right before filming the reunion. I guess I do give Brandon some credit for coming around and being there for Quincy while he’s still a baby, but still.

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