Kelsey Owens' Instagram Live Revealed What Was Cut From Reunion

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Kelsey Owens' Instagram Live Revealed What Was Cut From Reunion

Alright, so we all watched the Siesta Key Season 4 finale Wednesday night, probably yawning. There was so little happening, you could literally hear crickets. Juliette Porter's JMP launch party was totally empty (likely due to COVID) and not a single person looked like they wanted to be there; Chloe’s meditation circle (I cannot) was met with intense stormy weather and lame jokes from Jordana; and Amanda broke up with Tate, which we saw coming from a mile away.

And to be honest, the reunion wasn't that much better. Juliette played the victim, Amanda defended everyone (surprise surprise), Sam turned bright red and just sat there barely able to string a sentence together, Chloe admitted she lied about Cara cheating, and everyone suddenly felt like it was necessary to give Brandon some "privacy" after supposedly hooking up with Jordana?? What was that about!

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Anyway, everything that happened at the reunion already happened during Season 4, including Madisson’s pregnancy announcement, which was featured on the show and in an exclusive to People magazine hours before the episode aired. Things were predictable and safe on that reunion stage, to say the least.

But, what happened after the reunion on Instagram Live actually made sitting through those two hours of TV kinda worth it.

Wednesday night, Kelsey and Max went live from Kelsey’s apartment (they do not live together btw) to answer some fan questions about the finale and reunion. During the live, Kelsey added Chloe into the mix and decided to go live together, which, wild, right?

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