Juliette Porter & Sam Logan's Relationship Timeline Has Been Really Up And Down

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Juliette Porter & Sam Logan's Relationship Timeline Has Been Really Up And Down

This season on Siesta Key has been especially chaotic, for obvious (slapping) reasons, but beyond that, the relationship drama between Sam Logan and Juliette Porter has been almost as wild. They weren’t in the best space on the island and honestly, I don’t know where they stand after returning back home. But then again, they've always been a little mysterious.

Juliette and Sam’s relationship happened pretty quickly right after Alex Kompo’s pregnancy announcement and Kelsey Owens (along with fans) was convinced that Juliette was only dating Sam to stick it to Alex and come out the “winner” of their breakup.

Although Sam and Juliette are still together now (we think??), it definitely hasn’t been perfect. If this season has taught us anything, it’s that everyone has a lot of growing to do.

No one knows exactly when Sam and Juliette made their relationship official, but we all knew they were dating way before they made it Instagram official. When it comes to their relationship timeline, it's a little wonky, and while it may not technically be our business, uh, they're on a reality show, soooo... let's dive in.

January 15, 2020: Juliette Posts A Group Pic With Sam

While Season 3 was happening, Juliette posted a group picture on Instagram with her friends Kelsey, Chloe Trautman and even Sam. They were all in Miami together and that was the first time fans followers got a glimpse of Sam, even if they weren’t dating (or were they?) at the time.

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