An Inside Look At Clark Drum, Juliette Porter's Rumored New Man

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An Inside Look At Clark Drum, Juliette Porter's Rumored New Man

So much has happened for the Siesta Key cast on social media lately – a wedding, new flings, and Sam Logan posted on his Instagram Story that they just finished filming Season 4B – but the more things change, the more things stay the same. Even with all of that going on, Juliette Porter is still the one who everyone is talking about. This time, it's Juliette's relationship with Clark Drum that is piquing fan interest.

Before we get to Clark though, we have to address the questions about whether or not Juliette and Sam are together or over. A little over a month ago, Sam posted photos with other women, then confirmed he and Juliette had broken up, then... a friend of Sam's shared a photo of Sam and Juliette looking cozy together. Then... we saw Sam’s new fling with Meghan Bischoff on social. Then... things got messy.

Meghan let her followers know that she had no idea what was really happening between Sam and Juliette, explaining on social that it hurt to feel like maybe Sam was using her to get back at Juliette.

Meghan and Sam were the biggest talking point in the Siesta Key universe for a while, until Clark showed up this week.

We first met Clark on, where else, Instagram. Juliette went public with him as her date to Madisson and Ish Soto’s wedding on October 24 and her post left us with more questions than answers.

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