Are Madisson & Ish Getting Married Soon? Here Are The Clues

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Are Madisson & Ish Getting Married Soon? Here Are The Clues

Last season on Siesta Key, Madisson Hausburg had a really emotional heart-to-heart with bestie Kelsey Owens after her engagement photo shoot with Ish. Madisson explained that not only was she stressed about the future and the wedding, but she also had really bad anxiety.

She realized she needed to put the wedding on hold, and explained to her friends and family (before she even talked to Ish) that she wanted to be able to give the wedding 110%, but she just didn’t have the right headspace at the moment. To top it off, Madisson was being heavily attacked online for her age difference with her fiancé Ish, which couldn't have been easy. So she decided to put wedding planning on hold.

Then, during the season finale and reunion, Madisson revealed she’s pregnant, and as of now, there's only about 12 more weeks to go before baby is here. Madisson is due January 1, according to one of her Instagram captions.

Screenshot of Madisson's IG Story

But back to the wedding. Now, we know the cast has been filming ever since the finale premiered, and we know Madisson was in California during most of her filming, so where does that leave us?

Well, it's unlikely that these are Madisson and Ish's wedding registries: I don't think they'd be so willing to reveal they're getting married on October 21, 2021 in Encino, Calif. Plus, registering for only barware seems sus.

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