Are Sam Logan & Juliette Porter Back Together, & How Is Serena Kerrigan Involved?

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Are Sam Logan & Juliette Porter Back Together, & How Is Serena Kerrigan Involved?

What the hell is happening Sam Logan and Juliette Porter's relationship? Ever since Siesta Key Season 5A ended, we've been trying to figure out what's been going on between them. We saw Sam via Instagram confirm their break up in mid August, and Juliette was seen traveling to Europe without him. We saw Sam post pics with other women, which was what it was, but recently, something happened with another cast member that kinda takes thing to the next level of messy.

But first, we have to rewind to the reunion. So, while on the reunion stage, Juliette and Sam seemed distant with one another, and admitted to host Rachel Lindsay that couple’s therapy was something they were exploring.

After the reunion, fans noticed that pictures of their relationship were disappearing on their grids, and the two stopped posting with each other. Juliette was traveling solo to places like Paris and everyone was hella confused.

Then, out of nowhere, Sam started not only being spotted with a new young woman, but was also posting pics on his Stories for everyone to see.

Sam Logan's Instagram Story

Fans were pissed at Sam and attacked him for posting with a new girl – influencer Meghan Bischoff – so soon after his breakup with Juliette, but little did everyone know that Sam had been single for well over a month at that point. He made it known on social that he did nothing wrong and was just living his life, as was Juliette.

Now, up until a week or so ago, everyone thought Sam was still seeing Meghan. And so did Meghan, apparently. But damn, was everyone so wrong.

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