Can't gatekeep these Lululemon dupes!

I have to share my biggest shopping secret. I am a long time lover of Lululemon. And there are certain things I love that they make that I’ll go nowhere else for (their outerwear is unparalleled!). But since working from home has become the norm, I’ve struggled with justifying the expensive leggings and workout gear I find myself gravitating towards. I have a million pairs of leggings (love the lululemon aligns) but I want more! Enter CZR yoga.

I’m telling you about this brand bc it is almost 1:1 lululemon dupes. Their leggings are exactly like aligns (I actually like them more - they wash better) and their sports bras are perfect. I hate when ppl gatekeep these hidden gems so I’m sharing to all my Lululemon addicts! Save your money for the big purchases and try this brand. Big perk is they’re on Amazon if you’re like me and want instant gratification from a purchase. (Ok free 2-day shipping. Not instant)

So please consider this less of a “should I buy this” and more of a “you should buy this”. Thank me later!