Chris Noth Teases Big Might Return To 'Sex And The City' After All

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Chris Noth Teases Big Might Return To 'Sex And The City' After All

Will he? Won't he? Why or why not? I haven't felt this jerked around by commitment-phobe Big since 2004. On Instagram, Chris Noth teased Big's return in the Sex And The City reboot, mere days after it was reported that he would absolutely not be reprising his role. So I ask: What is the truth?

If this is all feeling a little familiar, congratulations, you've survived Big's commitment issues once before. Taking a page out of Big's book, Noth was super cryptic when asked about the reports that he would not be returning for HBO Max's And Just Like That.., the Sex And The City revival expected to film sometime this year. The report from Page Six was released on Feb. 18, and fans have been bombarding Noth on Instagram ever since, leaving comments on all of his photos begging him to reprise his most famous role. And now he's finally addressed the speculation with a vague but potentially telling response. "Well, if Page Six says it... it must be true," he wrote in one instance, per Entertainment Tonight, punctuating the statement with a winky face emoji. Responding to a separate comment, he wrote, "Everything changes- including announcements in the rags."

So... is that a denial? A way of kicking the can down the road? Whatever it is, it's giving me major Sex And The City movie vibes and I just want Big — er, I mean, Noth — to tell us what he means for once.

Image: Chris Noth/Instagram

Let's take a step back and look at the facts. Currently, Noth isn't committed to And Just Like That..., but he is committed to someone else: The Equalizer on CBS, where he plays William Bishop opposite Queen Latifah's Robyn McCall. But is The Equalizer enough of a scheduling conflict that he'd have to break up with Carrie for good? Not necessarily. The Equalizer reportedly films in New Jersey, which is just across the river from Big and Carrie's extravagant Manhattan dwelling.

Of course, even if Noth does return to Sex and the City for the reboot, that's no guarantee Big will play a big part. Rumors that Big would bite the dust in Sex and the City 3 combined with a blind item shared by the Instagram gossip account Deux Moi has convinced some fans that Big will die in the reboot. If he does, in fact, perish, then the question will be whether or not producers want to bring him back just to kill him off. Honestly, after leading Carrie on all those years, and now with Noth playing with our poor, poor hearts, it's what he deserves.


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