Will Steve Be In The 'Sex And The City' Revival? 4 Storylines That Could Explain His Absence

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Will Steve Be In The 'Sex And The City' Revival? 4 Storylines That Could Explain His Absence

First Samantha, now Big and Steve. Should we keep a running tally at this point of who will be missing in the Sex and the City revival? Page Six dropped the bombshell on Thursday that Chris Noth will be leaving some rather big shoes to fill, as he will not reprise his role in HBO Max's 10-episode reboot, And Just Like That... It was also announced that Miranda's husband Steve will not be in the SATC revival, either, at least at this point since actor David Eigenberg is reportedly still in negotiations to "appear" in the series. But hope isn't completely lost for the pair who memorably recommitted to their relationship on the Brooklyn Bridge in the first Sex and the City movie.

The initial plan for the third Sex and the City movie was to have Big die, and there's really nothing stopping the revival from having Noth's character meet the same fate. But they can't kill off all the husbands, can they? So how will Steve's absence be explained in the series if he doesn't return (or is only able to return in a cameo)? We've got some ideas that could explain why Steve is so busy and unable to be around all that much.

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Steve Runs His Own Minimalist Bar in Greenpoint

Now that baby Brady is all grown up, Steve has taken up his own business venture running a bar for the millennial set. Well, at least, pre-pandemic. A relatively new bar on the scene, Steve's minimalist Greenpoint oasis was decimated when the pandemic hit. Initially a watering hole for start-up tech bros wearing $200 jeans and talking bitcoin, his bar — that only has two stools and nothing else — has now become the backdrop to his very successful Instagram account in which he curates photos of cocktails that cost $21. (It's so successful, TikTokers are creating dupe recipes of his most popular drinks.)

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