Now Big & Steve Won't Be In The 'SATC' Reboot Either

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Now Big & Steve Won't Be In The 'SATC' Reboot Either

Big news. No, literally, Big news. According to Page Six, both Big and Steve will not be returning to the Sex and the City reboot, adding to a lengthening list of characters being left behind. Though the news has not been confirmed yet by HBO Max, Page Six has proven to be an accurate source in matters involving Carrie Bradshaw — it also reported in December that a SATC reboot was in the works prior to the confirmation of And Just Like That...

Chris Noth's Big leaving the franchise wouldn't be surprising — it was widely reported back in 2018 that the doomed Sex and the City 3 was planning on killing off Carrie's husband. James Andrew Miller, host of the podcast Origins, interviewed all of the show's cast members, and confirmed that Big would "die of a heart attack in the shower, relatively early on in the film, making the remainder of the movie more about how Carrie recovers from Big’s death than about the relationship between the four women."

The series description for And Just Like That... might pivot slightly from that sentiment, as it claims the series will focus on Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte "as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s." Still, Noth has been noth-icably missing from promotional materials from the series — Sarah Jessica Parker has only revealed to one Instagram commenter asking whether Big would return, "wait and see."

Image: Sarah Jessica Parker/Instagram

Big leaving, via death or a non-lethal departure, would certainly enable the series to focus a little more on the sex than the city, opening up Carrie's romantic options. And one of those options could be a familiar face. If a blind item posted to Hollywood gossip Instagram account Deux Mois in January is indeed true (and indeed linked to Sex and the City), the reboot could see the return of one of the main characters' "one true love." And if that one true love is John Corbett's Aidan Shaw — well, does Carrie, Aidan, or the audience have the strength to sit through that again?

That said, the Page Six news opens up the possibilities of the blind item. Note the use of "one of the main characters" in Deux Mois' post — not the main character. Could this in fact be referring to the departure of David Eigenberg's Steve... to make way for Miranda's "one true love"? It certainly could be, given the fear in the item over the fan response to the decision. (Does anyone really ship Carrie and Big?)

Those keeping an eye on the news should predicted a Steve-less future. In an interview with, Eigenberg appeared cool on a possible return to And Just Like That..., citing his commitment to Chicago Fire.

You know, we'll see what happens with that. I got to check in with some people about it and we'll see what happens. I don't have any answers on that. You know, my time there was a beautiful time and I'm very lucky to have been a part of that and we'll just have to see what happens. The love of my life right now is Chicago Fire, that's where my heart lies and we'll see if it's something that transpires in the future, but I don't know.

Considering, though, Steve was Miranda's "One" — there was a whole damn episode about it — who could fill the void? Robert? Skipper? The Sandwich?

Nope, I'm calling it now: In 2021, expect Jules and Mimi to be replaced by... Jules and Miranda.

Or it's gonna be The Sandwich.

UPDATE: Deux Mois released a blind item reveal, claiming Big was indeed the subject of their initial post.

Pray for Aidan, pray for us.


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