Could Aidan Return To The 'Sex And The City' Reboot As Carrie's One True Love?

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Could Aidan Return To The 'Sex And The City' Reboot As Carrie's One True Love?

There are two kinds of Sex and the City fans: those who are on Team Aidan, and those who are on Team Big. (Sorry, Berger.) And, while the end of Sex and the City 2 saw Carrie reaffirm her commitment to Big, it's possible Aidan could be coming back for the Sex and the City reboot, at least if this Deuxmoi blind item is saying what fans hope it's saying.

Barely a week after the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That..., was confirmed by HBO Max, the popular gossipInstagram Deuxmoi shared a blind item stating, "This reboot will eliminate one of the main characters [sic] love interests so that they can bring back their one true love... not sure how the fans will feel about this tho [sic]."

OK, sure, this could be about any number of reboots currently in the works or on the air — Punky Brewster, Who's The Boss, Dexter — but, let's face it, it makes the most sense with Sex and the City, a show that really focuses on its characters' love lives. Plus, rumors have been swirling for years that creators had planned on killing off Big in Sex and the City 3, which never made it past development, so "eliminating" him would be in line with what we've heard before.

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Big's death would open the door for Carrie's other major love interest, Aidan, to return and get back together with Carrie — something fans have championed for over, and over, and over. Aidan was originally only meant to appear in a few episodes of Season 3, but fans campaigned to bring him back. "They mailed [the producers] these little, I guess, little 6-inch kind of unfinished chairs," actor John Corbett recalled in a 2019 interview with the Daily News. "And they said, 'Don't leave Aidan unfinished.'" It worked, and the showrunners brought Aidan back for Season 4... and then again in Season 6, establishing him as happily married with a baby. "I think they [the writers] just wanted to stop people asking for Aidan again and concentrate on getting on with the show," Corbett explained.

Fans love Aidan so much, Sex and the City 2 director Michael Patrick King brought him back in the film, reopening the Aidan-Carrie-Big love triangle from the series. Granted, the film ended with both Aidan and Carrie returning to their respective spouses after sharing a kiss, but, you never know. What happens in Abu Dhabi doesn't always stay in Abu Dhabi.

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Here's the problem: all of this speculation assumes that Aidan is, as the blind item suggests, Carrie's "one true love." What if he's not? As much as fans love to love Aidan, there have been many people who have pointed out how underwhelming he actually was as a boyfriend. A 2015 Cosmopolitan article even declared Aidan "Carrie Bradshaw's worst boyfriend," making the point that fans don't have to choose between Big and Aidan. There are other fish in the sea.

Even Corbett himself has admitted that Aidan wasn't quite right for Carrie. "Carrie needed to end up with New York. And Mr. Big is New York," Corbett said during a 2017 appearance on the Today show. "And it always made sense to me." Sarah Jessica Parker agrees, telling The Bradshaw Boys in 2020 that while she "loved Aidan," in the end, "Carrie should have ended up with Big."

Well, if Carrie's "one true love" isn't Big or Aiden, then WHO COULD IT BE?

  • Berger (Ron Livingston): Berger was one of Carrie's more serious boyfriends on Sex and the City, and the two of them were actually pretty cute — until he couldn't handle her success and he broke up with her via post-it note. Yeah, that's pretty tough to come back from.
  • Jeremy (David Duchovny): Carrie's high school love, Jeremy, was an absolute charmer. He only appeared in one episode, though, and he seemed to have some serious mental health issues to work out.
  • Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov): Aleksandr was Carrie's last great romance before she settled down with Big, and, to be honest, I always thought he and Carrie were more alike than she was willing to admit. Still, he is basically like the European version of Big, which would be a bit tedious.
  • Ben (Ian Kahn): The one who got away, Ben put an end to his romance with Carrie after she was caught snooping around his apartment looking for dirt. Perhaps a more grown up Carrie would see Ben for who he is: a totally normal sweetheart who deserves a chance.
  • Sam (Timothy Olyphant): Sam was a younger man Carrie dated in Season 1, and while he was a little too immature for her back then, he could be just the man she needs today. Plus, did I mention he was played by Timothy Olyphant?


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