A Closer Look At Carrie's Texts To Samantha In 'And Just Like That..."

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A Closer Look At Carrie's Texts To Samantha In 'And Just Like That..."

Texting wasn't a big thing when Sex and the City was originally on the air. (Remember the landlines?) But Carrie's a modern woman of the world, so in Just Like That, she spends a fair amount of time doing what people in the 21st century do — texting. Carrie's texts in And Just Like That aren't incredibly illuminating just two episodes in, but let's hunt for any clues for the upcoming episodes. Spoilers ahead.

Unlike Big, who so clumsily drops his cellphone in the shower (having a fatal heart attack is no excuse!), Carrie's phone is by her side following her hubby's death (RIP) in "Little Black Dress." As she can't sleep, she spends the early morning after the funeral scrolling — giving viewers insights like, she has a birthday party for Milo to attend and that she's earning points at an establishment with a 718 number, which (gasp!) is not located in Manhattan.

Beyond the mundane text messages, the real point of this scene is that Carrie reaches out to estranged friend Samantha to say, "Thank You," for sending flowers to Big's funeral. (Big's still in the text log too with her last message to "John" being, "I'll be home soon!" 😢) But, there are some Easter eggs within Carrie's text contacts. According to IMDb, both Kristen Lindberg and Mason Chesler worked in the art department for the series. As for the other people listed with last names, they don't seem to have any connection to the series.

Carrie also has a text from an unsaved number that says, "Please call our office for...," which — if that's a doctor's office — could be related to that back pain she talked about in bed with Miranda. But I'm sure I'm just reading into things with my not-as-expensive-as-Carrie's reading glasses since making Carrie have some health issue right after Big's death would be particularly cruel to Carrie (and viewers).

As for her texts with Samantha, the last thing Kim Cattrall's character wrote to her was, "I can't — I'm out on the first plane tomorrow" — apparently, rebuffing an offer of Carrie's to hang in NYC before she headed to London. When Carrie reached back out in March, Samantha didn't reply and it's been at least a month of radio silence since then. She maintained silence even when Carrie referenced the lingerie company La Perla (which was featured on the OG show).

Are these texts And Just Like That's way of luring Cattrall back to the series for a potential Season 2 like Fuller House desperately calling for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to join? Or is this teasing some super-surprise Season 1 cameo? Well, considering the reported tensions between the Sex and the City stars, that's probably a pipe dream. At least they'll always have the landlines.

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