Introducing 'I Am The Cute One,' A Podcast Celebrating Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

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Introducing 'I Am The Cute One,' A Podcast Celebrating Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Gimme pizza? Nah, gimme more Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. It's been 26 years (that's a whole Gigi Hadid!) since The Adventures Of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen sleuthed its way into our hearts, and we still find ourselves humming "Give Me A Mystery" while roaming the halls of Costco. So we're excited to announce today (on Mary-Kate and Ashley's 35th birthday), the launch of our brand-new podcast, I Am The Cute One: A Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Podcast.

Cute One celebrates the definitive works of Mary-Kate and Ashley, but, during Season 1, hosts and Olsen twin experts Donny and Chelsea will be diving into the entirety of The Adventures Of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. In each episode of their first season, our co-hosts will pick up their clipboards and put on their trench coats to revisit each part of the mystery series. They'll be collecting clues, following the trail, and maybe even learning a little bit about themselves along the way.

So join them as they take a bike down memory land, and ask the important questions, like: Which twin is that? Where are their parents? And, once and for all... who is the cute one?

Listen to the first three episodes below, and be sure to rate and review the podcast, and share with your friends! It's what Mary-Kate and Ashley would do, after all.


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