Big's Fate In The 'Sex And The City' Reboot, Revealed

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Big's Fate In The 'Sex And The City' Reboot, Revealed

And just like that, we're down two. (Spoilers for And Just Like That... Episode 1.) In the first two episodes of Sex And the City's much-anticipated we lost Samantha Jones (we knew that) and Mr. Big died. We'd be lying if Big's death on And Just Like That... came as a surprise; actor Chris Noth actively spoke against the series since it's original run ended in 2004, Big was supposed to die in the never-made third movie, and let's be honest, something had to set this show in motion.

Of course, it didn't come without its tears. Big, despite being rather disliked by most of the SATC fan base (toxic doesn't even begin to describe him), was a crucial fixture in the original series' landscape. He and Carrie met in the first episode of Sex And the City and Noth appeared in 41 of the 94 episodes the series was made up of. He also, of course, appeared in the subsequent films. (Not necessarily helping his case, if you want the best for Carrie.)

But that all came to an end in Episode 1 of And Just Like That... when Big had a heart attack and died after his 1,000th Peloton ride. Having previously established heart problems in the original series, this wasn't a total surprise. But it was still sad to see him go down in the shower and have Carrie find him after Lily's piano recital.

The signs were there, even if you weren't privy to the Chris Noth of it all. Before leaving for the recital, something seemed... off. Big was too excited for his night with Allegra, the Peloton teacher who was going to give him a shoutout. He gave Carrie a Star Is Born-worthy "final look" before she left, while smoking a cigar, perched on the window. It all seemed very final.

And it was. While prepping his shower and texting Carrie he wanted to go to the Hamptons that night, Big grabbed his arm and collapsed to the ground. Carrie found him on the ground, ran to him, but it was too late.

It has been heavily theorized that this would happen to Big in the reboot series. Something needed to set the series in motion, and with Noth's, let's say, willingness to participate, Big simply didn't seem long for this world.

Where does this leave Carrie? Single and ready to mingle! (OK, maybe single and mourning the loss of her husband, but this the former is more fun and flirty!) Will Carrie find love throughout the reboot, or will the ghost of Big and the sound of his bedroom TV haunt her for the rest of time? And more importantly... did he get that shoutout?

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