'And Just Like That' Season 2 Theories Include More Sex, Storyline, & Samantha

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'And Just Like That' Season 2 Theories Include More Sex, Storyline, & Samantha

In December, we were reunited with (the majority of) the beloved characters of Sex and the City. We watched them achieve new goals, experience heartbreak, learn the meaning of grief, and stumble through the world of 2022 episode after episode. For some, it was enough, but for others, And Just Like That... Season 2 is a must.

And while it hasn't been confirmed by HBO Max, or any of the big players involved in the series, there are definitely many paths the series could go should there be a Season 2. For example...

Bring Samantha back

I fully understand that this may be a pipe dream but the biggest and most obvious thing we need to see happen is the return of Samantha Jones. The dynamic of the ladies is not the same without their ballsy best friend. Her presence alone will bring back an energy that the reboot was missing. Even if it is unlikely that Kim Cattrall would ever return to the series, the virtual presence of Samantha alone could help bring the series up a notch.

Bring the sex back

Since when is everyone a prude? Sex and the City was always very progressive about showing female pleasure and the reboot felt like a PG-13 version of what it used to be. I know I am not alone when I say I want the sex back. It's important to note, bringing one Samantha Jones back on our screens will help solve this problem... just saying.

Where is Aidan Shaw?

One thing about reboots that I love is the nostalgia of it all. There is magic in seeing characters that you grew up with on your screen once again. We had been teased with a potential Aidan return all season, by John Corbett himself, and yet, nada. I don't want him to date Carrie or anything, but a casual run in would be just what the doctor ordered.

Carrie dating — more!

The last two episodes of And Just Like That... had Carrie start to date again, and I think we'd need more of this in Season 2. Yes, we saw her make out with her really hot producer, but I don't think they're endgame, or maybe they are but I would love a "will they/won't they" dynamic to run through the next season. Lots of opportunities there, but I digress. Sex and the City was literally all about women dating in New York. While life happens and people get married, have children, and sometimes even lose their partners, there is something so relatable about people at any age starting over and putting themselves out there again. And if we can't see that with our original cast, let's at least see Seema date more!

Carrie's podcast takes off

Carrie has definitely had a successful career, but she's pretty niche as far as being recognizable. With the series introducing us to a new book, a new podcast, and a new fashion Instagram (that we never heard about again), it'd be great to see her reach a certain level of recognition that seems to have been simmering throughout the entire series. Remember: this is a woman who was once (tragically) on the cover of New York magazine. Let's get her a redo with all of her new business ventures.

Somethings got to give with Miranda

While Miranda was really the only one with a plot line in And Just Like That... it wasn't necessarily a good plot line. The show had so much opportunity, but I feel like it took leaps from here to there and was expecting us, the audience, to fill in the blanks (... still trying to figure out what happened in Cleveland y'all).

Justice for Steve

He got zero closure with that ending. We need justice for Steve in Season 2, or at least a better hearing aid.

Let's give Charlotte a plot

Charlotte seemed to be the only one out of the core three who didn't really go through much this season, nor really evolve from her 20-something self. They even glossed over the Rock storyline, which had so much opportunity to be a real portrayal of a parent's acceptance. We saw glimpses of her coming into her own from her defense of the art at LTW's dinner party and the "sorry not sorry" rant, so let's do more of this. Does she plan a women's march? Does she start a transgender alliance? Does she run for state senate?

We need more Seema, Nya, LTW, and Carrie's neighbor

It was great to see the show add diversity to its cast. But with the introduction of characters like Seema, Nya, Lisa Todd Wexley, and even Carrie's downstairs neighbor, we only scratched the surface of their storylines. In fact, most of them had quite complicated storylines introduced and then just dropped throughout the season. LTW's complex relationship with her husband's family? Nya's fertility struggles? Seema's dating life solved by the Prada shoe salesman/club owner? The young jewelry designer in a toxic relationship? All great jumping off points, but we want more!

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