Are You Team Charlotte Or Team Harry On 'And Just Like That...'?

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Are You Team Charlotte Or Team Harry On 'And Just Like That...'?

Game. Set. Fight. Despite being one of the few copacetic couples on And Just Like That... we were reminded in Episode 7 that Charlotte and Harry are not perfect — even if that is the York way to present. During a rather bougie tennis match at their exclusive sports club, Charlotte's competitive side came out when she pushed Harry to the ground in order to win the game. And while I can't blame Charlotte for wanting to put her best foot forward to impress the Wexleys (they're impossibly cool), was she in the right?

On one side...

You have Harry, who isn't really even mad. He's just annoyed that his wife is putting her foot down and refusing to apologize for knocking him onto the hard tennis court. We've already had one hip surgery on this show, Charlotte, we don't need another! (Thank God Harry seems to have strong bones.)

On the other side...

You have Charlotte. Charlotte feels like Harry is constantly "mansplaining" to her on the court, and that she doesn't need to apologize for shoving him in front of their friends. She seems to take the "there's no crying in baseball," thing a little too far, and turn the competitive tables on her own partner (both on the court and in life), by standing by knocking him down. She wanted to win, they won, he was just a casualty of that. Sorry babes.

But it's not that simple, you see... Charlotte was 100% in the wrong here. There's nothing wrong with bringing your A-game to a Wexley tennis match, and sure — be aggressive! But, you can still apologize for being an asshole and knocking your husband down because you didn't want to lose. You can also be annoyed that he mansplained to you. Two things can exist at once, Charlotte! Just say you're sorry and move on.

Except, it seems like we the audience were supposed to be on Charlotte's side. Charlotte explains that "women apologize to the whole world, all day long, for everything. Tennis is the one place I don't have to do that. So as Demi Lovato would say, 'Sorry not sorry.'" Completely ignoring the Demi Lovato reference (which I just can't imagine an Upper East Side mom saying outside her exclusive tennis club), yes women do need to apologize, often, for simply existing. But, again, two things can exist at once — when you knock someone down, just say you're sorry! No need to be, as Demi Lovato would say, stone cold about it.

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