Who should do Weekend Update next?

Over the weekend, Michael Che performed a stand-up show in Minneapolis, and said this was his last year doing Weekend Update:


Now, Michael has cried wolf before, so we shouldn’t take it too seriously — it’s possible that the statement was just part of the act.

That said, it seems inevitable that the desk will turn over, particularly since Lorne will want to set it up with a strong team who can get comfortable for a few years before he retires after season 50. I would bet that Colin and Che have one more year of Update left, but, assuming they leave the seats then, who should take their place?

Some possible scenarios:

Colin and Pete: Though I imagine Colin will give up the seat eventually, I could see him staying a bit longer to transition. And Colin and Pete already have great Update chemistry.

Pete solo: Pete is a boba fide SNL star, but has never really been a great sketch artist. He’s best on Update anyway — why not give him the seat?

Mikey and Ego: Something tells me these two would pair well together, and bounce their energy off one another well. That said, Mikey really seems to shine writing zany sketches, so I’m not sure politics would mesh with his style.

Bowen and Ego: Bowen is already an Update star, and Ego has a quiet confidence that could serve her well on the desk.

Bowen solo: After a trial run with Colin, I could see him manning it solo. He’s a scene-stealer who can carry entire sketches on his shoulders — why not Update too?

What do you think? Who should take over once Colin and Che leave?