Who has never hosted SNL before that desperately needs to?

Oscar Isaac is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, which is pretty amazing because who needs a reason to look at Oscar Isaac AND he's somehow never hosted SNL before!

While the handsome Dune star has appeared on the show before as a celebrity guest on What's Up With That (oooooooooooh-eeeeeeeee) he's never been the host. This seems especially crazy considering he's been a bona fide movie star for the better part of the past decade and one of the internet's most beloved boyfriends.

This got me thinking: who else hasn't hosted SNL yet that absolutely should/should have by now? I know the moment has probably passed, but I gotta go with Brad Pitt. He was freakin' great playing Dr. Fauci in a cold open back in 2020 (in fact, it nabbed him an Emmy nomination) and we know the Oscar winner is hilarious (see: Burn After Reading).

Other surprising never-hosted stars include Meryl Streep, Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Chris Evans, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Who do you think needs to finally take the stage at Studio 8H?