Who will be Lorne's replacement?

I know there's been a lot of talk about Lorne leaving after the 50th season, so I've been thinking a lot about who could actually replace him once he's gone. And it's hard — there isn't an obvious choice! But a few that come to mind, with pros and cons attached:

Seth Meyers

Pro: He was the head writer during some of SNL's best years, and understands the show inside and out. Plus, he's run his own show before, so it seems like he has the relevant experience at this point. 

Con: I can't imagine he would give up his own late night show to be behind the scenes. I can't tell if it would be a promotion or demotion to run SNL. 

Kenan Thompson

Pro: The guy's been there for 18 years. 18 years! He's served his time, so it seems like the best reward for that time would be the head honcho gig, right?

Con: But... even though he had his Kenan sitcom, I'm not sure he knows the ins and outs of how to run it. I would be so excited if he were chosen, but I feel like it's unlikely. 

Tina Fey

Pro: She's one of the most talented head writers they've had, and 30 Rock of course is stuff of legends. I think she's doing mostly producing at this point with bit parts here and there, so maybe she would actually want the big job. Plus, a woman taking the reins is very much needed and wanted.  

Con: I know she's been the target of a lot of criticism (she's not the BEST representation of feminism). So I'm not sure she would be as accepted as, say, Amy Poehler (who I doubt would get the gig or want the gig, frankly).

Colin Jost

Pro: He's headed up the writer's room for some time, and even managed to evolve the show through cast turnovers. A part of me feels like he's being groomed for the job, and his marriage to Scarlett certainly might help grease the wheels on those celebrity cameos the show loves so much. 

Con: Punchable face. At least it would be behind-the-scenes, though.

Conan O'Brien

Pro: This is my dark horse guess. Conan was a writer on SNL in the '90s, and is one of the most beloved people in entertainment. I can't imagine him as a choice would be controversial for anyone, and, given he has his own experience running late night for years,  he certainly would know the ins and outs of production. 

Con: I feel like the only way Conan returns to NBC is if hell has frozen over. 

My bet is on Seth or Colin just being there in the right place at the right time. Am I leaving anyone out?