Hear Me Out: What If Tabitha Is Behind All This Mothman Stuff On 'Riverdale'?

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Hear Me Out: What If Tabitha Is Behind All This Mothman Stuff On 'Riverdale'?

The introduction of Tabitha Tate was the breath of fresh air that Riverdale needed — especially when it came to shaking up the show's ships. Yes, I adored Bughead's sleuthing as much as the next fan, but I had grown weary of seeing scene after scene of Betty and Jughead. Now, with a Tabitha and Jughead spending so much time together, a romance feels promised to us. Personally, I'm totally onboard this ship...but I can't help but feel a sneaking suspicion that, err, something may not be exactly as it seems with Tabitha on Riverdale.

Trusting any new character on Riverdale is difficult. I mean, Chad probably crashed his helicopter to get Veronica off Wall Street, Chic was a serial killer, and Charles... well, Charles was also a serial killer. I don't think Tabitha is a ruthless killer — but I do wonder if she may be doing more to help keep Pop's Diner open than she's letting on.

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Season 5 introduced fans to the Mothman mystery, which Jughead is now deep into investigating — at the suggestion of Tabitha, who first hinted he talk to "Dreyfus," a man who claimed to be the only miner in his group not taken into a spaceship by the so-called Mothmen aliens. Jughead becomes consumed by this mystery (as he is wont to do with mysteries) and after Pop Tate tells Jughead about these bright lights that appeared outside his diner one night 50 years earlier, Jughead sees them, too while working the diner. The electricity flickers, the gumball machine breaks, it's a whole thing.

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