'Riverdale' Writer Teases More Bughead & Writing Barchie Storylines

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'Riverdale' Writer Teases More Bughead & Writing Barchie Storylines

After seasons of declaring Varchie and Bughead "endgame," Riverdale has started playing by new rules. Following the show's seven year time jump, Bughead is no more, while Riverdale's Betty and Archie, Barchie, has become very much "a thing." And when I say "a thing," I mean exactly that. There are no labels that define these two just yet, which is giving some Bughead shippers hope and Barchie fans a reason to celebrate. (Three words: hot car sex. And actually, three more: hot shower sex.)

For Riverdale writer Chrissy Maroon, who joined The Dipp and @nocontextrvd's Macy Jones for a Clubhouse conversation about Season 5, it is "fun" to be able to lean into the adult relationships more following the fast forward on the show.

"Now that our characters are in their mid 20s, we can play with the nothingness of relationships," Maroon explained. "Not every relationship has a fully defined label. Like Archie said, they can be just friends and [be] hooking up. It's not so defined. There's more playfulness and fun, like when they have to sneak around and do stuff."

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As for whether this current friends-with-benefits situation could become an actual grand romance? Right now, the writers are just excited to explore something new for the characters who, up until this point, were in solid monogamous relationships.

"We've never done Betty and Archie, really, until the end of last season when they kissed," Maroon explained. "And for [the writers], it was really fun to see them together and to see them interacting. It does feel really different than when Betty and Jughead are together. Not for nothing, but those scenes are electrifying. The Titanic homage [in "Back to School"] was honestly earth-shattering."

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