Breaking Down The Barchie Hookup On 'Riverdale' & The New Ships Taking Over Season 5

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Breaking Down The Barchie Hookup On 'Riverdale' & The New Ships Taking Over Season 5

Spoilers for Riverdale's "Homecoming" episode.

Back when it was a teen drama — so, three episodes ago — Riverdale kept its ships wildly consistent. Yes, Bughead had their ups and downs, but ultimately, the show's sleuths always found their way back to each other. Same with Varchie, who spent the same amount of time candoodling in bed that Betty and Jughead did investigating murders. But after seven years, the ships have capsized completely. Barchie finally hooked up on Riverdale's newest episode "Homecoming," and that's just the beginning of the ship resets.

Obviously, it's too early to tell if any of our beloved relationships will be making a comeback, but following Barchie's very good, very scandalous shower sex, I'm not sure a Bughead reunion is what we need right now. Betty and Jughead don't seem to have the spark anymore — albeit it's possible that's just the awkwardness from seven years apart, post split. And as for Veronica and Archie, they seem friendly, at best, but they were so busy with their own subplots during "Homecoming" that they barely spoke to each other.

Barchie is not the only new (or, rather, long-awaited) ship that I think we'll be getting this season. With that, here are the new ships Riverdale may be teasing, ranked in order of how likely they are to happen.

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The One That Was Years In the Making: Betty & Archie

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