Did 'Riverdale' Just Introduce A New Hiram?

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Did 'Riverdale' Just Introduce A New Hiram?

Well, it looks like we found Tabitha Tate's sole flaw: Her parents. Though the diner owner first appeared in Season 5 of Riverdale, she's seamlessly blended in with the original crew. She's romanced Jughead, befriended Betty, and invested with Veronica — all things that make Tabitha an integral part of the Riverdale squad. However, while Tabitha has proven herself to be pretty ride-or-die, she had to have a flaw. In Riverdale's Season 5 musical episode "Next to Normal," that issue was revealed: As it turns out, Tabitha's family is a lot like the Lodges. Yikes.

Tabitha is Pop Tate's granddaughter, a living Riverdale institution, but Tabitha's family isn't so keen on hanging around the town of Riverdale. When her parents visit Tabitha in celebration of Mother's Day, Tabitha is eager for them to share a meal at Pop's. Her parents quickly shut the idea down. Like Hiram, Tabitha's father grew up in Riverdale before moving to a big city (in this case, Chicago), but as he tells his daughter, he "couldn't get away fast enough" from the small town with pep. Instead, Tabitha's mom and dad want to eat at the fanciest Italian place nearby, which Tabitha agrees to — provided she can bring her "new boyfriend," Jughead.

Jughead and Tabitha haven't exactly made anything official yet, but they are clearly smitten, as they have seemed to be from the moment they met. Tabitha's dad isn't so thrilled with Jughead, however, and so, he invites Jughead to have a chat with him (in his very fancy town car stocked with sparkling water) to tell him as much. Jughead smirks and tells him that he "sounds like Hiram Lodge." Tabitha's dad barely blinks as he informs Jughead that he has no idea who Hiram Lodge is.

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