'Riverdale's Greatest Hiram Lodge Mystery Has Been Answered

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'Riverdale's Greatest Hiram Lodge Mystery Has Been Answered

At the end of Katy Keene's only season, it's revealed that Veronica's perpetually-scheming gangster father, Hiram Lodge, is the businessman behind the sale of the Washington Heights block in which the titular fashionista and her friends reside. "I was born in the Heights, and it's time for me to come home," Hiram explains in the show's final moments.

Fans of Riverdale may be a bit confused by the statement. After all, Hiram attended Riverdale High with his now ex-wife Hermione, Fred Andrews, F.P. Jones, and Penelope Blossom. However, Riverdale's Season 5 episode "Citizen Lodge" finally answers the question of how Hiram could be from both New York City and the small town with pep, and it actually makes Hiram's villainous ways make a lot more sense.

For one thing, Hiram was telling the truth: He was born and raised in Washington Heights, where his father, Javier, was a shoe shiner for ungrateful, greedy businessmen. When one such businessman paid Javier in palladium instead of cash, and tipped him off to a source of palladium in a little town upstate on the Sweetwater River, Javier brought his whole family up to Riverdale.

Unfortunately for Javier, his quest for palladium only led to an injury in the mines, which put him right back in the shoe shining business. Hiram, however, wanted more, and started working for gangster Vito as an errand boy — making tons of money, but selling his soul in the process. He even changed his name, from Jaime Luna to the more impressive Hiram Lodge.

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