Here's Why You May Recognize Alexandra Cabot On 'Riverdale'

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Here's Why You May Recognize Alexandra Cabot On 'Riverdale'

Riverdale's spin-off Katy Keene may have been tragically cancelled after just one season, but its characters still live on within the universe. In "Return of the Pussycats," Josie — a main player on the short-lived CW series — heads to her hometown in order to grieve the loss of her father and write her new album, but she's not the only character who crosses over. Katy Keene character Alexandra "Xandra" Cabot is also in town from New York City (totally separate from Josie, which itself is a pretty odd coincidence) but unlike former Riverdale star Josie, there's a chance you may not have recognized her if you didn't tune in.

Josie meets Xandra early on in Katy Keene, after Xandra's stepbrother, Alex, hears her sing and declares Josie the next star of his label. Sadly, Xandra — a fashionable socialite/girlboss and the vice president at their father's company — doesn't agree that Josie is worth investing in, nor is the record label worth relaunching in the first place. This immediately sets Josie and Xandra up as rivals, which is further heightened after Josie learns that Xandra and Alex aren't just stepsiblings: They're also exes, who dated before their parents got married.

Perhaps Xandra's biggest drama with Josie was when she effectively stepped in and took control of "Josie and the Pussycats," renaming the girl group "Xandra and the Kitty Cats." Fortunately, the hostile takeover didn't deter Josie from getting the band back together and reuniting with Val and Melody for a nation-wide tour as Josie and the Pussycats in the latest Riverdale episode.

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Though Xandra was certainly an antagonist on Katy Keene, she's not all bad. In the series finale, she worked with Josie to get Alex into rehab following his relapse. Even her time on Riverdale proved she wasn't exactly the Hiram Lodge of Katy Keene: While she did want to use powdered milk in the Pop's shakes in order to save cash, she was pretty easily charmed by Tabitha's passion for keeping her business authentic — especially after Josie helped raise Pop's Diner's profile.

Xandra isn't the only person from Katy Keene to cross over into the Riverdale world. Earlier this season, K.O. Kelly, a boxer and the titular character's on-again, off-again boyfriend, went toe-to-toe with Archie in the boxing ring. Katy herself has also appeared on the show, however, she stuck around NYC instead of taking the train to Riverdale. (Exactly how far New York is from Riverdale, no one really knows.)

For those who want to learn all about Xandra, Katy, and what Josie was up to before reuniting with the Pussycats, Katy Keene is available to stream right now on HBO Max.

Images: The CW

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