Is Hiram Still Sick On 'Riverdale' Or Did We All Just Imagine That?

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Is Hiram Still Sick On 'Riverdale' Or Did We All Just Imagine That?

Hiram Lodge has caused the characters on Riverdale considerable pain. When he wasn’t making attempts on their life, he was plotting real estate schemes to ruin their town. However, in Season 4, it seemed that Hiram’s mustache twirling days of villainy may be behind him: Veronica’s dad was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder, which made him physically weaker — and eager to reexamine his life choices.

So what the heck happened? Did Hiram’s disease find a rare cure? Well, sort of. The last we heard about Hiram’s illness, he was making a rather unusual attempt to cure himself... by fighting mobsters in the street. Yes, all Hiram needed to fix his neuromuscular disorder was to throw the occasional hands.

Yet many fans thought that wasn’t the end of Hiram’s health crisis, and that it may even be the thing that finally ended his reign of evil for good. After all, Hiram was ready to draw up a will, forego the family business, and attempted to forge a bond between his two daughters, Veronica and Hermosa, just like any dying man would. Except, Hiram didn’t die — in fact, he didn’t even come close.

Was this plot line dropped in favor of more of Hiram’s evil schemes and nefarious dreams? Possibly. After all, every teen show needs a heinous parent (or six) to act as the show’s villain.

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I wouldn’t get ones hopes too high that Hiram’s disease will return, or that it will spur a once-promised change of heart. We already know a bit about what Hiram’s future holds, thanks to a little show called Katy Keene, and he’s as ruthless as ever.

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