Should I go to an old friend's wedding or a concert?

Okay, this seems like an obvious choice at face value, but let me set this up a bit.

Back in 2019, I got my SO two tickets to a concert as a Christmas gift. See, this was a generous gift, given a) I hate concerts, and b) I am not at all a fan of this particular artist, but he is.

Because of COVID, the concert got pushed back to 2021... and then pushed back to 2022. So it has now become a long-awaited event with a lot of excitement between it.

That's all well and good, until an old college friend sent an invitation for her wedding, the same night as the concert. (Literally, the only night I have a prior commitment in 2022.) I am not sure what to do, and need advice!

Some more context:

-I was very close with this person back in college, but probably have only hung out with them 1-2 times since (mostly because we live in different cities)

-This is not the type of person to invite someone to a wedding just to get a gift — I do think it's a friendly gesture

-My SO has met this friend probably once, but has no strong connection to them

-Both events are in different states (and a different state than I'm currently in), so I cannot accomplish both in one night

-The concert tickets were reasonably pricey, but nothing that would keep me from paying my bills

What do I do??