Introducing pet names/nicknames to a relationship

Do you think pet names need to be discussed by a couple before throwing one out there? Does that take all the magic and whimsy out of it?

I've almost called my s/o a nickname of sort (not "babe" or something generic, but something more specific to him and his name) a few times — we've been together about 6 months — but have held back because I worried it would come off weird. (In turn, he's called me by a nickname he knows I don't really go by, and I don't mind that much... so he probably wouldn't either.)

Nicknames/pet names definitely create a sense of intimacy I think that you don't feel like an absolute CREEP doing out in public (unless you're Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House who was calling that random guy Ahmed "Babies" within like one week), but it can be awkward to introduce into a relationship.

What do you guys think? Have the convo about it or just say it and overanalyze the reaction for weeks on end?