Who was cringier at Heather's party...Ryan/Ryne or Jen?

Like most of us, I was sitting on my couch last night with a glass of wine anxiously awaiting Heather Dubrow's dinner party. I have been less than thrilled with this season of RHOC (thanks Noella) but was really excited to watch Dr. Jen get wasted at Heather's. Her AND Ryne/Ryan's behavior was so awkward to watch but I was living for every moment of it. As I watched, I wondered who was more cringey...Jen or her husband.

So the fact that Ryan calls himself Ryne is already bizarre af and he should be embarrassed about that alone but I thought he was SO strange last night. He was all butt-hurt that he couldn't bring his soulmate, Mr. Puppers the chihuahua, to Heather's party. Does he honestly think it's appropriate to bring your pet into someone else's home when you really don't know the host that well? Especially when you're there for a dinner party, not a puppy playdate. I also thought it was weird when him and Jen arrived at the house. Idk if anyone else noticed this but Ryan/Ryne was basically hiding when Heather and Terry opened the door to let them in. He then very slowly came into the house and proceeded to hang out right next to the door until they asked him if he wanted a drink. I honestly thought he was going to make a run for it and run down the street ripping off all the clothes he was forced to wear that night.

Then we had Jen at dinner who was clearly sloshed. Honestly, the whole situation was so uncomfortable I probably would've drank myself into oblivion as well. She kept begging Ryan/Ryne for affection and was saying the most awkward things in front of Heather's other guests, who were clearly horrified/entertained by the whole display. My favorite was when she told Heather about 62 times that she loved the wine she served and that it was PrEtTy GoOd. I also almost had a stroke when Ryan/Ryne put his napkin in his shirt, and I truly thought Heather was going to faint when he did that. Obviously, they are not at Red Lobster and he should've kept his napkin on his lap but Jen bringing attention to it was classic. They were the best part of the night and I want them to come to every dinner party I host for the rest of my life.

While Jen was cringey I also try and remember that she was wasted, and we're all a little cringe when we've had too much to drink...but Ryan/Ryne was sober as a log. As insane as this was to watch, it was my favorite episode of the season.