Please 'Outlander,' Don’t Do Roger Dirty With The Amy McCallum Storyline

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Please 'Outlander,' Don’t Do Roger Dirty With The Amy McCallum Storyline

Roger has had it rough on Outlander with being sold, being hanged... you get it. But the character has also suffered for how some of his actions have been depicted on the show, and there's one potential Roger Season 6 storyline that I'm particularly concerned about falling into that trap — his relationship with Amy McCallum. Spoilers ahead for Book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Outlander Season 6 is officially in production now, but despite showrunner Matthew B. Roberts's beautifully annotated copy of A Breath of Snow and Ashes, not much has been revealed about which storylines from Diana Gabaldon's book will make it into Season 6. Although characters like Malva and Tom Christie are confirmed, a smaller character like Amy is far from guaranteed. And even if there's a young, widowed woman named Amy on the Ridge, it doesn't mean that her storyline will necessarily line up with what Gabaldon wrote in her books (just look at what the show has done with the Bugs).

While there has been no announcement that the role of Amy has been cast, if rumored cast member Alexander Vlahos is portraying Bobby Higgins, it could increase the chances of Amy being involved in Season 6. So if Outlander does indeed adapt Roger's plot with Amy, it needs to be done so in a way that keeps Roger's integrity intact. Because, let's be honest, TV Show Roger can't sustain another blow to his character.

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