'Outlander' Season 6 Clues Straight From The Showrunner's Notes

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'Outlander' Season 6 Clues Straight From The Showrunner's Notes

In September 2019, showrunner Matthew B. Roberts teased a copy of his annotated A Breath of Snow and Ashes book for Season 6 prep. It may have been a simpler time back then; the world didn't know that COVID-19 was just months away from upending everything — and the fandom didn't know they were about to enter the longest Droughtlander in the history of the Starz series.

Outlander may have been renewed for Season 6 in May 2018, but the writers' room's work on the sixth installment of the series didn't start until fall 2019, as indicated by Roberts's social media. The executive producer and writer highlighted his commitment to Diana Gabaldon's original creation by taking to Twitter and showing his A Breath of Snow and Ashes book filled with colorful tabs, with notes indicating major plots in Book 6. He labeled the juicy photo, "Been busy lately," and added to the mystique with a Guy Fawkes mask. (Fire anyone?)

While the book's tabs aren't the easiest thing to see, the fandom was on it. Twitter users like @BluRaceCar, @kristinaw66, and PaulamiTweets shared zoomed in and flipped photos of the book, while @bluemoonjules put together a list of all the tabs she could read. Even before Season 5 aired, Roberts's tweet had the fandom abuzz about what Season 6 would have in store.

Some Book 6 storylines that Season 5 featured, like "Bonnet Sees Jemmy," can be ignored. And with (probably) no David Berry in Season 6, the "John Grey" tab is also useless. But what else did Roberts find important enough to mark in his book? And could these be storylines that Season 6 will definitely feature? Admittedly, Roberts's flagged book could just be outlining every major plot point and not be an indication that these stories will be in Season 6, but without many other Season 6 details to go on, why not get out a magnifying glass (or microscope lens, if you're Claire) and overanalyze this 16-month-old photo with me?

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